Living in a world of material living you might have every luxury that you possibly require, but those luxuries can probably not buy you eternal happiness. And nowadays there are several aspects that contribute in the state of depression, while depression is a clinically approved disease, it is also vital to cure such a condition. There are several people all across the globe who suffer from the issue of depression and there are a lot of people who do not consider this is a serious problem, but that is something that needs to address.  

 So, have you ever given it a thought that how can one deal with such issues of depression by taking a personal approach? Well, as for that we are here to help you out with a few solutions for the same. Can you think of any long terms solution for this issue of depression? Well, we believe that better than any doctor you are the one who can treat yourself. So, the only way to rule out this monotonous feeling of depression one can resort to the route of Self Happiness, and how to achieve that? Have a look at a few ways to keep yourselves happy.  


Well for all those not-so-cool people out there we must tell you that MVP referee to the ‘most valuable player’ and as for achieving the route to self-happiness you need to love yourself and be confident in your own self. Let us tell you that a lot of people out there find it hard to believe in themselves and appreciate their existence.  

But in order to stay happy and avoid certain issues like depression, you will have to believe in the charm of your own existence. Accept your body the way it is, embrace your wrongs, and appreciate your strengths, never criticize your physical appearance, and just accept yourself the way you are. This is a pro tip for being happy, and it is quite easy all you need to do is just love yourself.    


Since here we are referring to ways where one can keep themselves happy without any exterior interference, then happiness is obviously directly related to laughter, isn’t it? Well, imagine if you’re having a terrible day and you don’t feel like talking to anybody and all you feel like doing is just sitting in that corner and cry probably, what will you do?  

Well, obviously trying and cursing your terrible day seems easier, but the better option is to distract yourself and do something that makes you smile or be around people that make you laugh and make you forget about the terrible day you were having. So, the point is that no matter what the situations are you should take out a little time to make yourself and smile a bit.  


Well, this one might not sound like a mature approach, but who cares? All you need to do is stay happy and have a light-hearted mood, and in order to do so, you can also resort to your appearance. 

There are several people whose moods depend on the kinda clothes they are wearing, so you should make sure that you choose the outfits that make you glow, make you feel comfortable, and make you feel on top of the world. Might sound a little immature, but it will definitely work, so you should keep your clothes and your style streak always in check so as to maintain an aura of self-happiness. 


We tend to come across several people with anger issues and a lack of patience in them, and such traits can cause harm to your mental state resulting in a depressing and sad scenario around you. So, if you’re all to avoid catching the fever of depression then you should probably try and be empathetic towards people in general.  

And this is not just to say away from the illness of depression, but even on a general understanding, one should show gratitude towards others. Help others for their good, forgive people with all your heart and never hold grudges for long. If you follow all these minimalistic steps then you will stay as clean as possible from catching the issue of depression.  


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