STAR WALK – A Peep Into The Perennial Bond of Constellations and Zodiacs

STAR WALK – A Peep Into The Perennial Bond of Constellations and Zodiacs

Stars shining bright in the sky have been a fascination for humans for time and long. Children being fed by making them look at the stars, attempting to count them, memories of these stays etched in one’s heart. Growing up, these stars play another significant role in influencing the widely believed and followed horoscopes. Stars arrange themselves into different structures or shapes, resulting in constellations. These constellations, in turn, become the basis of the zodiac. They are never at the same place and keep moving just like the sun and thus comes the movement of the planets to influence the future and present. Each of the twelve zodiac signs holds unique characteristics, some similar to the others and a few, completely unrelated. The love story constellations and zodiac signs, of one becoming the main face and the other one as the fortune teller, begins here.


Zodiac signs and their constellations

Of many constellations made by the stars, only twelve are chosen to represent the zodiac signs, each holding importance of its kind. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, the twelve zodiac signs possess constellations that are visible in specific months, creating the notion of the influence of these signs and planets during that period. Constellations as such are not present in nature but were created by human creativity, joining stars that seem to form a unique structure. The Ram or Aries is a constellation that tends to appear clearly in November; The bull or Taurus makes its appearance in December; The twins of Gemini wish in January and the crab of Cancer in February; the mighty Lion in March and so on goes the list. Neither are the formations exact nor do they hold significance to laymen. To readers and believers of fortune-telling, they indeed are everything.


Zodiac signs and horoscopes

The sun, a significant source of life, is believed to move in a path called the ecliptic, a nearly circular path as visible from the surface of the earth. The constellations are known to be present along the ecliptic path, each exerting its influence when it crosses the way of the sun. Pertaining to this, each constellation appears at different times of the year. Though the sky is filled with pollutants, causing invisibility of stars, the influence of constellations and zodiacs has not stopped fascinating humans. Though the primary cause is the general human nature which pushes their interests in favor of predicting future, non-believers of the system trying to prove that horoscopes and zodiac signs a hoax also delve deep into the fascinating and charming world of constellations and zodiac signs. Horoscopes of varying kinds exist of which the most popular one is the western zodiac that depends entirely on the movement of stars and constellations. While these zodiac signs, which is one way, are the constellations themselves, are believed to influence the behavioral aspects of a human being, differentiating one zodiac to the other, science struggles to disprove these claims. As many sayings go, some things are beyond science and stating principles proved by famous scientists fail to show somethings, the relationship of zodiac signs and constellations cannot be determined using scientific statements and at the same time does not particularly have a proper definition.




The display pictures of zodiacs – constellations

In the era of social media freaks, most people are defined and evaluated by their display pictures. Similarly, the constellations act as the display pictures of the zodiac signs. The crab of Cancer can never be similar to the twins of Gemini, and the signs clearly show such a difference. Many a time, disbeliefs about the zodiac signs’ relation with constellations hauls over the mind of common man, yet, the seemingly faint line of difference between predictions of the zodiac signs and happenings in one’s life tends to eliminate the doubt earlier than it had been created.