The star in the tarot card symbolizes optimism, hope, and a new sense of faith. This will lead you towards calmness and peace.

In case you are going through a tough time, this star will bring back your good and happy days. Basically, this star acts like a silver lining in the cloud.

With this card in your life, you have crossed every hurdle and are basically on the safer side. If you allow this star to help you in your path and guide you, then your journey will surely be a happy one. 

Star Tarot Card: Depiction

The symbol of this card is a woman sitting next to a very blue lagoon and holding a water jug in both her hands. With one hand she is pouring water in the lagoon and with the other, she is pouring water on the ground.

She is naked, thus representing fertility as well as a genuine and true sense of being. Her representation shows that she is a pretty strong woman. She is capable of doing anything and is also compassionate. 

There are seven stars in the sky above her and are placed in a circle. All these stars are surrounding one big star placed at the exact center. This depiction will show stability in life.

Star Tarot Card: Basic Meaning

It is believed that we attract what we think about the most. You will thus get what you desire for the most.

When the star card appears in the upright state, it marks a difficult or traumatic event in your life. You are likely to go through something bad which will make you feel as if nothing will ever fall into place for you. 

Some things which can charge you a great deal during this particular period are personal loss, death, or heartbreak. However, you are advised to not lose hope.

You need to see what you are trying to heal inside you. This card will make you open up and see your inner strengths. All you have to do is have a little faith and patience. 

Star Tarot Card: Money and Career Meaning

This card will act in a very positive way when it comes to financial matters. Many new and bigger opportunities will knock your door when you least expect them to do so.

In case you have been stuck in your job or couldn’t make the ends meet then this card will mark your tuning point. You should consider changing your field and go someplace where you will get proper respect and attention. 

You should think about asking for a raise and promotion too as you are likely to get what you wish for during this time. However, the good time of the star card lasts for a short period of time only hence take action quickly.

Star Tarot Card: Love meaning

This is a card belonging to Major Arcana and hence is likely to rule the tarot card reading when it makes a big appearance. For love related matters, this card will simply tell you to make changes in yourself and leave any sort of baggage.

In case you are trying to find love and a good relationship, then you should consider leaving your past behind and giving yourself a new as well as a fresh start. 

This will bring a lot of positivity as well as happiness in your life. This card will let you know the future of your love life.

Star Tarot Card: Health Meaning

The star card is also considered as a healing card. The mind and body will heal as soon as this card appears in your life.

As soon as you start recovering from some illness or are trying to heal yourself, this card will bestow all its healing qualities on you and help in a fast recovery. You will eventually find peace in every aspect of your life. 

Star Tarot Card: Reversed

When you are very stressed, you tend to feel pretty helpless. This card when appears reversed will amplify the feeling of depression in you.

You will find yourself facing a bad situation continuously. However, you have the capability to choose an attitude to deal with your problems.

You can choose to very happy in the most difficult of the situation too. With this card in your life, you will have a good amount of time to think about all the decisions you have made. 

You should consider doing yoga as well as meditation. Try to be in a happy and positive surroundings where you get enough encouragement and loads of creative ideas.

Try to stay calm in order to reduce any kind of stress because of unwanted worries. Try to adopt activities that you like so that you connect well with your inner self and find peace. 

Star Tarot Card: Star and Chariot

This is a pretty amazing combination. With these two cards in your life, you are sure to get success in everything.

The chariot is the best description of choices and the star represents the fact that all your choices will lead to success only. Everything you desire is achievable. 

Star Tarot Card: Star and Ace of Pentacles

Anything creative that you might want to start will lead to good results at this time. However, make sure that you are confident enough about your ideas.

This pair marks the fact that you will have really good luck on the financial front. You should do something that inspires you and is a part of your passion. You will surely enjoy good profits. 

Star Tarot Card: Star and Moon

The combination of these two items of the universe will mark some kind of emotional turmoil in your life. The combination of star and moon will make you deal with your emotional baggage before improving things.

You should take some time to think about the things that are troubling you the most and causing this turmoil inside you. Then, make sure that you address these feelings of yours, and then you will eventually recover.