You face a lot of problems while making decisions. However, you are not very good at accepting it.

You make decisions in two steps. Now it might seem to you that these steps are pretty different. However, when looked at carefully, you will see the similarity clearly.

Libra and Decision Making: Stage One

You will do all your research and very patiently observe everything and anything. You will not really attach yourself in order to see every aspect very clearly.

you want everything to fall into place and for the smallest of the thing to make sense. You are someone who wants to explore the most extreme side of things as well. You consider that everything and everyone has their own separate path to follow. 

Therefore, in your initial stage of making a decision, you will be seen as an extremely patient person facing all sorts of extremities.

The best thing about is the fact that you are not very emotionally attached to things and stuff cannot shock you easily too. 

However, you are very curious and adore to learn everything and anything. You are basically like court judges who just don’t get tired after listening to things again and again in order to make a good decision.

Once you are well prepared with your points, you will be a different person and take decision according to your whole research. 

Libra and Decision Making: Stage Two

This is a very short phase but might be a very powerful one too. You tend to express your opinions with a lot of authority and power.

This is a stage where you will not make any compromise what so ever and neither will you be ready to negotiate. Even when you are full of compassion, your verdict will not be changed no matter what.

Libra and Decision Making: Hasty Decisions

There are numerous occasions when you end up making decisions in a hurry. Several of your decisions are hasty ones. 

This is not entirely the worst thing but it can lead you to take certain decisions that you might end up regretting in the near future.

Although, by thinking a bit before making any sort of decision and looking at all the pros and cons, you can actually deal with this problem. This might seem to be a tad bit difficult for you but you will soon get used to it and experience its benefits too.

Libra and Decision Making: Too Much Pondering

There are some things about which you might be seen thinking a lot. This is mainly because you are very particular about your choices. 

You can procrastinate about different things like homework or office work. However, on the brighter side, there aren’t a lot of things that can land you in such a situation.

Now, one of the perfect ways to solve this thing is by deciding upon a reward that you can give yourself once you complete a particular task or come to some sort of decision. 

Libra and Decision Making: Indecisive

There is a high chance that you are pretty indecisive when it comes to making decisions. However, this too is not a major problem that you deal with.

In order to avoid it, try to be clear about your requirements and needs. Try to find out the reason behind your problem to make decisions easily. Once you get the problem, you can then work on its solution too. 

Libra and Decision Making: Hiding Feelings

The main cause of you does not make the proper kind of decisions is that you hide your true emotions and feelings a lot. There is a side to you which you just don’t want to show to others.

Since you are bad at explaining yourself openly, there are times when people simply end up misunderstanding you as well as your decisions. Opening yourself and sharing your feelings with your near and dear ones can actually help you to take the correct decisions. 

Libra and Decision Making: Not Very Reliable

You are very responsible in general, however, there can be times when one just can’t trust you. This is mainly because of the fact that you think too much or else have way too much on your plate.

However, you should try to be reliable. You love to make the correct decisions at all times as depicted by your sign, showing the drawing of the scales. But, trying to be reasonable at times might work for you well.