Spot the Silver Lining!!- Enlightening the Optimistic Sides of Malefic Tarot Cards

Spot the Silver Lining!!- Enlightening the Optimistic Sides of Malefic Tarot Cards

Have you ever seen a coin? Well, of course, you have, what a silly question, right? So, If you have then you must know that there are two sides to every coin, likewise, as for this article, we are about to discuss the scariest tarot cards with a hint of silver lining to all of them. Well, just to simply, we will view these negative cards from a positive perspective and see if there is any silver lining to these dark cards.

Ten of Swords

Speaking of some of the scariest cards in terms of tarot reading, well then the first one to be addressed would surely be the ten of swords. Why is that? This is because as per what the card depicts it is a spooky one, if a man lying down with ten swords stabbed in his back is not scary for you then we don’t know what is.

This card in tarot usually represents a state when a person hits rock bottom and the damage is done so all you have left is to move on and embrace the reality. Speaking of a silver lining in ten of swords then it can also mean that now is your chance to improve and it says that even in darkness there is still hope for peace and calm to find its way back to you.


Well, of course, how can we forget about the ‘death’ card while talking about the scariest tarot readings. But do you know something? That this card is highly misinterpreted, and honestly we can’t blame you, because the name of the card says it all. But we need to get a little perspective here folks, even if this card suggests the end of an era or separation from something very dear to you, but after that, there is a silver catch here.

If you look closely through an optimistic lens then you will realize that this card also highlights the part that comes after the end of an era, which is a ‘new beginning’. So, the choice is yours, that do you want a sob story about the end or do you want the excitement of a new beginning.

The Tower

It’s a heartbreak season you guys! And this is because the tower card in tarot readings tends to signify the relationships that usually start on flaky foundations. So, this card is all about loss, heartbreaks, and leaving someone due to corrupt relations.

But on the other hand, here comes the silver lining, relationships that start with a shaky foundation at their base are not worth investing in. As we know that everything happens for a reason, so painful heartbreaks can be a necessary step for initiating new beginnings and walking past the sour memories.

The Devil

Speaking of the scary cards, the devil if appeared in any of your readings, it sure does hint a sense of havoc in your life. From your workplace to your personal space, you are about to face your demons and things might not go the way you planned them to.

But yet again here comes the silver lining, this card is not all about the demons that you face, the other side of this card represents financial monetary gains and success, moreover, this card also promotes, passion and lust in your relationships.

5 of Cups

This card sure is a spooky one, as it represents the end of a relationship, be it a familial one or a love relationship. But that was the negative aspect since there are two sides to these negative cards then let us examine the positive one as well. As we look into the depiction of this card, one can see that three cups are lying defeated representing failure and sorrow, whereas on the other side there are two more cups standing still and perfectly erect.

These two cups portray the silver lining here, as they represent the fact that even if you lose on a certain front you still have a set of new opportunities rising your way. So, cheer up guys, this is not the end!!

The hanged man

As per what the name suggests, this card is all about a man being hanged and even in the image, it seems like a man is tied upside down to a tree. And speaking of scary cards, this one is an A-lister, because this card is all about a state of surrender and sacrifice for the greater good of society.

But then again knocks in the silver lining here, as the man is hanging upside down it represents that he is all set to view the world from a different perspective and this can’t be bad, can it? Viewing the world around you through a fresh and new perspective is what acts as an optimistic shade of this card.