Runes and Astrology are the traditional practices of understanding the life that the Spiritual realm guides us and wants to make us aligned towards harmony and love with our soul mate. Runes are the personification of the drives that the human holds in their life. Those functional attributes are carved onto metal, wood pieces or even on crystals and gemstones. Intuition plays the main key in charging the runes with power.

Runes move according to their wheel just like the zodiacs in the case of astrology. Therefore, here are the runes along with the zodiacs, attached to it.


Aries rules over the runes of Uruz and Fehu. Fehu blesses with the energy in abundance along with its qualities that focus on the present situations and the future. Fehu bestows luck and Uruz provides strength to Aries. It helps in carving out a righteous personality within.


Taurus holds its power over the runes- Ansuz and Thurisaz. Ansuz connects to Venus and blesses with inspiration, self-love, self-appreciation and good health. Thurisaz blesses with the instincts, harvesting of something new or fertility.


The connected runes for the Gemini are the Kauna and Raidu. Raidu blesses with the evolution, movement and action in the progress. It also showers intellects and strong hold over the communication. Kauna is also about knowledge, growth and prosperity.


Cancer is represented by Wunjo and Gebo. Gebo is all about the relationships that an individual forms internally. Gebo takes care of the relationships through care and treasuring affection of nurture. Wunjo is all about joy, prosperity and support. It also helps in healing emotions.


Leo rules over Nauthiz and Hagalaz. Hagalaz always holds the trail of testing the struggles of the time. It is untamed and there is persistence involved along with it. Nauthiz is like a pillar of support during the time of stress. It is about survival and enduring difficulties.


Virgos are ruled by the runes of Jera and Isa. Isa is a rune that helps the individual to step back and re-evaluate over life. It is about creating clear perspectives and growth that takes place in a systematic order. Jera represents patience and perseverance in the relationship through detailing and attention to progress.


Perth and Eihwaz hold the power over the zodiac of Libra. Eihwaz is the rune that promotes an undying spirit of not giving up. It is a symbol of honesty as well. Perth helps in forming a connection with the ancestral history with the help of the Akashic records.


Scorpios hold the power over the runes- Sowulo and Algiz. Algiz defends the Scorpio like a protective shield that takes the individual towards divination. Sowulo on the other hand is about the success, victory and the power that comes with it. It is a support system for the Scorpio’s in all their undertakings.


The runes that take care of Sagittarius are Berkana and Tiwaz. Tiwaz help in understanding the truth through thoughts and rationalism of self. It indicates travel and education as well. Berkana helps in undergoing the Sagittarius with the re-birth that needs to happen for the prior experiences in their life.


Capricorn is connected to the mystical runes of Mannaz and Ehwaz. Ehwaz holds the power the steady progress or growth along with wisdom and endurance. Mannaz is all about norms and principles in life. It is also very helpful for inner development.


For the zodiac of Aquarius, the perfect runes are- Ingwaz and Laguz. Laguz helps in unraveling the mysteries and the secrets that need to be unfolded with time. Dreams come in form of messages and there are lessons learned. Ingwaz is about resolving the situation for a smooth flow of life.


The runes that reflect the best with Pisces are Dagaz and Othala. Othala is concerned with the spiritual development of the journey towards understanding oneself. It helps is destroying the illusions that come into the situation. Dagaz is the rune of transition or transformation. It is the compelled energy of expansion of thoughts and insights for a new world of understanding.

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