Spiritual or practical: which one are you based on your Zodiac

Spiritual or practical: which one are you based on your Zodiac
Although every single person has a different personality, their stars speak a lot about it. Zodiacs can tell who is spiritual and believes in the Almighty one, and who is more of a practical person and does not rely or believe in a superior existence.

Most spiritual signs in 2021


Pisces have a strong attraction to spirituality and feel like they have a special connection to the Almighty one. They can also see things that normal people are unable to, and hear things that people cannot. Pisces believes in having great spirituality which helps cleanse the mind and soul.


Sagittarians always tend to go deep and don’t get hung up on superficiality.  Rather than being practical they love leaving everything on spirituality instead. They have a strong belief that if they fall, the universe will catch and protect them. They believe that everyone is being watched by a great power that controls the universe. Sagittarians tend to explore to find new things that might heighten their spirituality. They always give and show respect to all types of religions, rituals and sacred sacrifices. They only try to see the good things in life and hold an optimistic view towards the world.


Scorpios are smart enough to understand that not everything can be seen, and there are some things that go beyond us; they also believe in the concept of afterlife. They hardly feel lonely even if they are alone since they believe that someone is always watching over them. Scorpions are usually busy making their work perfect and achieving their goals. So they want someone to take care of them and thus believe that someone takes care of them when they can’t do it. Some scorpions also believe in rebirth and good and bad deeds, so their spirituality is on another level. They are very compassionate about their loved ones and want the same from them as well. They also believe in things like karma.


Cancers are mostly dreamers; poets, painters artists etc. They believe in spreading love rather than hate all around the world. This sign would not prefer and expensive gift, instead would rather like the person to have a clear conscience. Moreover they do not forget about their duties as well because they realise that God will not do everything for them.


Aquarius is mostly busy paying their bills, but they do have strong spirituality. They believe in an Almighty force and God as well; however, they do not leave everything up to God. Aquarius has a special thinking sense and believes that God doesn’t have the time to listen and help everyone.

Zodiac signs that are more practical than spiritual


Leos believe that people are stupid to think that the universe sprang up from nothing. Moreover they also believe that there is no point following a thousand year old myth. They only tend to talk to God whenever they need something. This sign also believes that there is enough time to think about spirituality later.


Virgos are believed to be half angels and half sinners. A part of them is in one world and the other is on Earth with everyone. Although they understand the concept of spirituality they would rather watch their favourite television show instead of spending time doing something to improve their spirituality.


This sign believes they hold the most power, and their life depends on how they want to live it. They know the existence of god but think that God can’t change their life in a flash, so they are more practical instead.


Rather than living in a dream world, Taurus loves to wander off into reality. Instead of donating some money to the temple, they would want to spend it on other things. While everyone is busy praying to God, so they get some help, Taurus would help them.


This sign hardly believes in spirituality. If someone told them that they spoke to God, they would want to see some evidence in order to believe them. Moreover, if you talk to them about God they will instead tell you about how God wasn’t there when they need him.


They are the type of people who would rather get their hands dirty instead of asking for forgiveness. If someone were to do something wrong to them, instead of asking God to punish them, they would go take revenge with their own hands.


Geminis are the most practical ones. They only believe in what can be seen by the naked eye. They will not believe in something until they see it themselves, so they are a lot like an Aries. They are more into measurable and materialistic things rather than spirituality.