It’s Weekend lovebirds, from 24th April to 25th April...!! Are you one of those people who are tired of working day in and day out throughout the week? Weekends are something everyone longs for. It is the perfect mini-vacation every week for us to rejuvenate and rest.

 For some people it is a romantic getaway, for some, it is a sleeping hour, and for some, it is time to re-create some dirty scenarios in their bedrooms. If you’re a reader who reads about Zodiac signs frequently or sometimes, you must know that they’ve certain tendencies which might reflect in you if you are of the same kind. It is almost mind-boggling to read something you relate to on a screen and feel surprised. 


Zodiac Signs, be it Aries, Cancer, or Pisces, all have sexual tendencies which get directed in many different ways. Sex is an integral part of our lives and linking it to Zodiac signs is a fun way to get an insight into how a person may feel, or what he or she likes. 

 This is a Weekend Sex Horoscope where all the Zodiac signs will be covered in great detail. Get ready, be comfortable, and hop on to your zodiac sign to know how your weekend sex horoscope would be! 



Aries is a very passionate sign. In love, it can go to such extremes many Zodiacs would not even imagine about. With Full Moon is Scorpio six days away, this Weekend, the energies of Aries are bound to get sexually aroused.

 Aries who are married or have a partner and live together, this weekend you can expect yourself to buy some things on the Internet with your spouse which may involve things like sex toys. If it’s something you haven’t tried before, you would want to try it now!

 The sex would be very stimulating if you partake in it using sex toys with your partner and on your partner. 



Taurus can expect to go a little mad this weekend. Maybe it is because you’re stressed due to work or something happening in your life. It would be best if you keep the stress aside and enjoy this weekend with your partner because your mood has been a little uneven for them to know what is going on with you.

Surprise them this weekend by spending some intimate time together, with a glass of wine and your favorite Netflix show. The sex would be rushed, quick. You would be feeling very urgent during the lovemaking. The energies are intense as Full Moon is Scorpio always unleashes a wilder side in all the Zodiac signs.

 Taurus would be no exception and will go to lengths to make sure their partner is enjoying as much as they are with whispery talks and affectionate touches. 



Gemini people may cry this weekend for sure as they’re not fond of their emotions bubbling up on the surface. Geminis if in a relationship can even break one, after feeling very emotional as it is very hard for them to commit.

Please do not take any such step as it is an auspicious time to feel everything Gemini. Do not be afraid of your emotions and be brave. So, what if the energies are intense? Let your partner know how you care about them by spending this weekend in a quiet place where nobody can disturb you two.

You can have a romantic candlelight dinner in the comfort of your homes and be each other’s console. Heat will simmer up in your belly and you would be extremely pleased to know that your partner wants to please you as much as you want to please them. Try having Oral sex. 



This weekend will be amazing for Cancers, looking from the perspective of Sex & Intimacy. Cancer craves intimacy with their partners and if their partner is a water zodiac sign like Pisces or Scorpio, or Cancer only, they will be so giddy to spend this weekend with them under the bedsheets, completely zoned out by all sorts of feelings.

Cancers are very intuitive. If you are a Cancer gal, you can prepare a strip show for your partner as they can’t get enough of your body. If you’re a Cancer guy, show your partner how much you love them by giving them hickeys on their neck and bums as this is where they are the most sensitive. 



Leo, you will be amazed at how quiet you’ll be this weekend. This is just an effect of the Full Moon in Scorpio where you will be contemplating your life and universe in general. If you’re not married but have a partner, you might get the thought of proposing to them as soon as possible. You’ll feel extra emotional and grateful for having them in your life.

This weekend won’t be hot and heavy. Instead, you would want to relish the simple affectionate caresses of your partner, spend some time with them sipping on a cocoa, and talking about your future together. You’ll be glad to know they want to marry you as much as you want to marry them. 



All the Virgos will be feeling very light-hearted and delightful this weekend. Instead of their usual sober selves, they might want to drink some alcohol or wine, just a little, with their partner in their homes.

Virgos are extremely calculative zodiac signs. Single Virgos might just hop onto dating applications to chat up with new people. Virgos in love or married can expect themselves to talk about another child or getting pregnant.

As they’re extremely calculative, they will take this weekend as an opportunity to talk about their future with their partner and kids that are bound to come along. 



With Full Moon in Scorpio, all the Libras will be feeling a heightened sense of involvement with everything around them.

Single Libras will be spending their time alone whereas the married or a Libra in a relationship would spend some time with their partner, exchanging ideas about love and what it means to them.

As far as sex is concerned, Libra loves to do everything spontaneously. Sex may happen spontaneously without their intention where they’ll find themselves with their partner, naked, touching one another, and talking about a not yet reached future where they’ll arrive someday. 



Scorpios with a Scorpio Full Moon will be feeling intensely vibrant within themselves. Scorpios are the relationship will make use of this weekend to get closer to their spouse and tell them how much they love them.

 Sex for Scorpio comes naturally. This is one zodiac sign which is extremely giving in nature and prefers that their partner come first before they do. This weekend if Scorpios decide to indulge in sex, it will be intense, passionate, and would be for long.

 Scorpio be it a gal or a guy, love dominating their partner in bedrooms, so do not be surprised if your Scorpio partner might just use handcuffs or any sex toys available for sex this weekend. 



For a Sagittarius, nothing is more comforting than an approaching weekend. Sags may look like people who have a lot of friends. But this is not the truth. The weekend sex horoscope for Sagittarius looks interesting. If they’ve made their partner or friend wait to spell their true feelings, this weekend they’ll be taking steps to do it.

For married or Sagittarius already in a relationship, this weekend will be comforting and the sex would be relaxed and not urgent. Sagittarius can follow how their partners feel by observing them closely during sex.

This gives them a great advantage to turn the sex more meaningful, or dirtier as they like. They are the real winners. 



This weekend would be a tough one for all the Capricorns. Energies being high, you might find yourself tossing and turning and not being able to sleep in the night.

The sex life of Capricorn is tending to improve this weekend if they have a partner. This partner of a Capricorn will allow them to be vulnerable and emotional. This will be a very mind-boggling experience for a Capricorn but they’ll trust their partner and follow their instincts.

A warm feeling will creep in the Capricorn’s heart and the sex would be as warm as the feelings they’ll feel. With the trust of their partner, the weekend sex horoscope for a Capricorn looks novel for them to indulge in their deepest passions and raw confessions. 


Aquarius people will love to spend one on one time with their partners this weekend. They can watch their favorite show with their partner and not realize the passage of time.

As far as sex is concerned, Aquarius in this type of high-pitched energy will let their partners dominate and order about to them in the bedroom. They will turn into a sub and would love to follow their partner’s commands like a puppy in the bedroom. 



A Pisces person this weekend, as far as, the matters concerning sex and intimacy, would try to get close to their partner as much as possible. They will be starry-eyed and relish in the Full Moon energy by channeling themselves according to it.

 If you have a Pisces gal as your partner, they may surprise you in the bedroom with their charm and showing up in lingerie. You wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off them, even for a minute. If you have a Pisces guy as your partner, they will make you feel as if you’re the most important person in the world, pulling you with them in their fantasy world of roleplaying and submission. 


Ah, how do you feel after reading about the secrets of all the Zodiacs? Use this weekend to spend time with your partners as much as you can and enjoy the sex if it happens. After all, sex is a vital part of a relationship that strengthens it and enables two people to become one, even it is temporary.