Some Easy and Quick Ways to Cleanse your energy and radiate positivity

Some Easy and Quick Ways to Cleanse your energy and radiate positivity

Life is not always full of roses. To put simply, what I mean is that in life you will have a good time and happiness and you might also face suffering and pain. With this balance, you can lead a successful life. Our aura or energy around us plays a very important role. Two types of energy surround us. Positive and negative energy.

Most of us like being in a positive atmosphere and attain peace of mind. But there are certain negative energies also that are ruling you. Negativity is toxic to your system. Negativity makes one feel heavy, detached, emotionless, and fearful. Negative energy has quite a recursion in human life. It brings along stress, high blood pressure, breathing problems, and muscle issues.

There are times when our day doesn’t go as planned or we are being screwed at work or face any family issue. All these things break us mentally and we dive into the most used word these days depression. Feeling sad or negative for a thing for a day or two is okay but making it a part of your life and always thinking about it is a matter of great concern. If we meet negative people around us out approach towards life also becomes pessimistic and we end up thinking that the things around us will always be bad or wrong.

Therefore, it becomes very important to stay away from such negative energies and cleanse out such energy from our system. With the help of some simple tools and practices, we can incorporate positivity into our lives and purify ourselves from negativity all around.

One of the oldest and popular methods of cleaning your energy is smudging. Smudging is the process of burning some mixed herbs like thyme, sage, etc and then the smoke that comes out of it is used on each and every part of the body. It is to be burnt like an incense (agarbatti) and the smoke out of it is used to drain out all the negative energy.

Next up is taking a shower or aura cleansing bath. Now, this cleansing bath involves the use of many essential oils, some salt, and hot water. All of these are put in the bathtub with water and then one can soak oneself in that solution. Essential oils can include lavender oil, ecyulaptus oil, sandalwood oil, etc which gives the feeling of peace and calmness when soaked in. When taking a shower, imagine yourself draining all the negative energy within you as you apply soap and drain it with water. Think that with this water all your negativity is also flowing and after that shower, you can feel yourself much light and filled with a new ray of hope.

Who doesn’t enjoy rains and rainy season? Those small droplets when touching your body you feel some kind of peace and serenity in your mind. The way they touch those leaves gives joy and happiness to the eyes. Another method that can be adopted is to enjoy the rain. Walking in the light rain and closing your eyes imagining all the toxic things and acts around you being drenched away in the rain and experience the positive vibes around you.

One of the most popular and effective methods is meditation or praying to god. Relax in a peaceful place and enchant the name of god and some positive affirmations. Closing your eyes feel the god and let those affirmations sink into you and meditate until you feel close to god. Try to make this a regular practice and see the magic yourself. No power is big than the healing power of God.

Another important way to discard negativity around you is cleaning your thoughts and thinking positive. As we say charity begins at home. So, starting off with you as an individual will help you get out of that negative vibe around. Surround yourself with positive things and people. No matter whatever the situation always thinks positive and find out ways to do things if one doesn’t work. Try cleaning your system from within first and always radiate positivity from within. Do things that give you happiness, help others, be compassionate, and keep yourself engaged. Cleansing your inner self is the closest step to drawing out all the negative vibes.

Another method could be trying using crystals as they help in the healing process and negate the toxic energies around. There are several crystals or stones available in the market. One can choose amongst them by following your birthstone or by consulting an astrologer. You can also research and know the healing properties of the stones and opt for the ones that correspond best with your situation. Wearing them as a piece of jewelry particularly ring will help in reducing negative energies and move towards positivity.

Another tried and tested method is the use of salt in different ways. Salt is believed to channelize negative energy into positive energy. Placing a glass bowl filled with seawater in your washroom helps in cleaning out the negative energy. Putting a mixture of salt and water in a spray bottle and sprinkling it twice a day also helps with putting the negativity out.

Connecting yourself with the nature and its elements also help in removing all the negativity around. Appreciating nature and being close with it helps in healing and seeing on the positive side of life. Another way is exercising or yoga. It relaxes your mind. It calms the mind, body and soul. Take out time to give yourself a session of 30 minutes at least doing breathing exercises and yoga. This helps in energizing the body with positive thoughts and rule out all the negativity inside. But make sure to make it a habit which will provide results in the long run.

So, now most of us are aware of the ways and methods of dealing with negativity around us. It becomes very important to discuss and share it out with your loved ones. It becomes necessary to lend a helping hand to each other in times of need. Life is full of problems but fighting and coming out of it bravely is life. Try to stay away from negative people and maintain an aura of positivity around. At the end of the day what matters is your inner self and peace. If you are happy and contented, you will radiate positivity and burn negativity around