Six planets dancing in retrograde motion, unlucky and lucky change for zodiac signs

Six planets dancing in retrograde motion, unlucky and lucky change for zodiac signs

2020 is almost ending, leaving us in an extreme celestial shift. Currently, as we move ahead, there seem to be six planets dancing in retrograde motion. This humongous shift will decode the decision whether your zodiac signs would bring lucky charms or not. Here are the lucky as well as unlucky glistened zodiac signs to watch out for. Planet Mars is the epitome of rage, masculinity and hostility. When Mars dances slowly towards retrograde motion, it lightens with a slight change; an interpersonal

growth surface. Whereas, other planets in retrograde motion, leaves a room for heaps of optimistic prospects for immense growth, learning new things, earning opportunities as well as building new blocks.  However, with their slow influence, they are known to procure excellent outcomes.



Aries is known as extremely fierce as well as loyal. It is said that Aries driven planets in retrograde motion will tend to ooze effect on several other houses. You can’t be worrisome because of being super fearless. Planet Jupiter retrograde 2020 is there to assist you for a sterner image. Planets such as Pluto, Uranus and Neptune will tune an optimistic growth for Aries.


The heart of social butterfly, Gemini will attract all heavens and blissfulness when it comes to retrograde motions. Your twin flame might undergo some upsurge. These external planets are good enough to stem strength. It’s time that you level up your research skills and gain benefit out of it. The rugged force of planet Mars will gravitate you towards the punch of hard work.  


You love to do things from the bottom of your heart. You relish in best experiences and completely embrace them fully. Planets dancing in the lane of retrograde motion are currently waving a deep motive of adrenaline-charge within you. Just so you know that you might be pushing all the limits and keeping all the doors shut when it comes to making romantic stances. Nevertheless, subtlety always comes to the rescue.



You love to shape horizons beyond the millionth sky. There is a swift change where you will soon find yourself into coup of purity and intensity which regard notes on emotions. However, in terms of your say in retrograde motion, avoid any unwanted conflicts related to monetary. Stay good to your colleagues, be peacefully in-tuned with yourself and see the miracles take charge of you. Adventures on the way will ring some life-changing bells for you.


Heroes with caps, planet Saturn added with Jupiter is dancing in retrograde motion in the world of Capricorn. They are the fire pack of edginess. Look closely and embrace patience since there is a lot of impending disasters on your way. Money, sans-mental peace is most likely to take charge of your life. Be cautious and wise during these times. Three planets; Neptune, Uranus, Pluto will attract adjustment conflicts. Take things easy-peasy! Personal life situations would hinder the flow of balance. Planet Mars is slowly taking its leap by making you extremely impatient. Ensure that you remain a smart-witted person in the process, and avoid all types of conflicts.  In short, cast great impressions of the people around you.


Planet Jupiter has been known to be the lord of Pisces. So, the great impact will wave at you. Retrograde motions will coax you towards challenges that might shape you into a completely different person. Just stay calmly in-tuned to yourself. Be prepared to embrace well-structured notes in order to take full control of your situations. In case you don’t listen to this narrative diligently, you would be most likely stormed by impending disasters you don’t want to encounter in life. Utmost resilience and patience will make you survive the worst wrath of life. Just be patient with the world and see the magic!