Signs which have the hottest Sex

Signs which have the hottest Sex

While talking about love compatibility it is also important to consider what happens between the sheets before it’s too late. It is important to check the sex compatibility between the zodiac signs. Find the best match in bed for your zodiac sign before you jump into a relationship.

Aries goes with Sagittarius

The first sign of the zodiac spectrum is very spicy and adventurous. They like when their bedroom fantasies get a bit rough. This makes Sagittarius their perfect match. They can keep with the energies of Aries and since they are born explorers they welcome all new stuff in bed.

Taurus sex match is Virgo

Taurus loves when the relationship is sensual and comfortable. Virgo provides the comfort that Taurus yearns for. Virgo is very stable and has a desire to curate a comfortable environment while lovemaking. Virgo being a born perfectionist also helps. They are always looking out for new and better ways to please their partner.

Gemini and Libra belong together

Gemini likes being stimulated, in all their senses. They want to have an active mind and body in the bed and this can be delivered by Libra. They like when their partner has new ideas and likes trying them. Pairing a Gemini with Aquarius or Sagittarius would also work, but Libra is the best match for them. 

Cancer and Pisces sound like a great match

Cancer is the most emotional zodiac sign and one night stands are not for them, so they wish for a partner who radiates the same energy as they have and do not come across as apathetic. They wish for a partner who understands their need for emotional connection as they get the need for physical connection. Pisces can understand this.

Leo and Aries go together

Leo likes to be the star of the show and does not like when someone tries to hurt their ego. They are not the ones to follow the orders but the royal side of them prefers another way round. Aries is the kind of partner who will cherish a Leo and worship them.

Virgo likes Capricorn

Virgo is the zodiac sign which likes everything by order. They try their best to be a perfectionist in the bedroom and Capricorn likes that. Capricorn likes to take their time and pamper their partner which is loved by Virgo. They like to wine and dine before hopping on the bed which is preferred by Virgo.

Libra Sex match: Gemini

Libra craves balance in life and the bedroom is not a different story for them. Gemini has two polar sides of the twins perfectly balanced in one zodiac sign. This is the reason they go well together. Gemini can have a titillating presence over Libra in the bedroom.

Scorpio would love Pisces

Scorpio would love a partner who is not fearful of exploring new and uncharted depths of the human mind. No other zodiac sign other than one of the fishes can be a better match for them. The fishes are known to be natural explorers. 

Sagittarius and Aries look good together

Sagittarius are born explorers and wish for a partner who explores with them. Aries can match the abundant energy that Sagittarius has and can provide more in bed. They are adventurous and free-spirited which makes them the perfect match for Sagittarius.

Capricorn and Taurus are a great match for sex 

Capricorn finds it hard to communicate at times and finds themselves in a situation for which they are not a perfect fit. These unspoken words and feelings can be understood by Taurus with ease. Taurus are patient lovers and do not rush into things that are loved by Capricorns. Taurus are caring and considerate and a perfect match for Capricorn.

Aquarius and Gemini

The most compatible zodiac sign in bed for Aquarius is Gemini. Aquarius are quirky and a bit eccentric at times and they need someone who can keep up with them in bed. They can be matched with Gemini who brings out the super spicy banter that Aquarius secretly adores. They like when their partner understands the unspoken.    

Pisces match is with Scorpio

For Pisces, feeding their soul is as important as feeding their body and only a few signs can help them achieve both. Scorpio is the zodiac sign which is most compatible with them in all aspects of life, but best in the bed. Scorpio is willing to discover all shades of a Pisces which is adored by them. They have a deep understanding and are very romantic in bed.