The term astrology is a pseudoscience phenomenon that holds information regarding planetary positions along with the locations of various constellations of stars in the space. Among the several types of astrology available in the world, the Indian astrology is deemed as the purest form in the universe. Indian Astrology is admired by every nation in the world and has started to take up the principles mentioned in Indian astrology.

However, the Indian astrology includes the importance of stances of distinct planets like the Sun, the Moon along with the other constellation of stars in the space. Indian Astrology is the archaic system of astrology in the world. Many studies have proven that the Indian Astrology differs from both western astrology and Chinese astrology. The scholars stress the fact that the Indian Astrology entirely deals with the time, latitudinal, and longitudinal a date of the birth of the individual. The above said are the most critical parameters that determine the destiny of the person.

Here in the Indian Vedic Astronomy, great importance has been given to the positions of constellations of stars along with the Sun and other planets. Since the above are the essential parameters while inferring the outlook of an individual's life, therefore, the astrologers ask for the correct time of birth and place of the birth of any individual. Because this determines the exact position of the Sun, other planets, and the stars at the time of the birth of the individual, which helps them in further calculations and predictions.

Therefore the horoscope made in case of any individual to read his or her future, it completely works on the positions of the celestial bodies. Through this, one might easily understand the importance of horoscopes in the Hindu astrology that is being followed by ages. 


Defining horoscope in terms of astrology is, it is the astrological chart that shows locations of different planets, stars at the time of the birth of an individual. Here the positions shown are for the planets like the Sun, who is admired as the Father of the solar system, the Moon, who is usually addressed as the Queen of the solar system along with the other planets like Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, etc. Therefore to design a horoscope, the mandatory details are the date of birth, place of birth, time of inception along with the latitudinal and longitudinal parameters. Thus, the astrologers ask for the correct details of the above-said parameters. If they find any error in those aspects, then the astrologers before constructing the horoscope they compensate that error by calculating it correctly. 


Horoscope is a Greek word in which one can find two individual words hora and scopos that sound as "time" and "observer." On the other hand, if we consider the Latin word named horoscopus means the nativity or horoscope. The ancient word for horoscope was anglicized by the English government into the present word Horoscope in the 11th century. The history says that the noun "horoscope"  is widely used for the casting of horoscopes, and its usage has begun in the early times of the 17th century. Coming to some of the most commonly pronounced synonyms for the word horoscope are star-chart, sky-chart, vitasphere, natal chart, chart wheel, astrological chart, celestial map, cosmogram, radical chart, Astro chart, radix or also termed as a chart. 


In the above context, we have mentioned the mandatory details that are required for the preparation of the horoscope are:

● Date of birth

● Place of birth

● Time of birth

● Latitudinal and longitudinal parameters of the place where the individual was born in.

Knowing the time of birth does not solve the problem entirely but indeed arises the next question. The question referred to in the above sentence is that the local standard time must be carefully converted to the standard Greenwich Meantime. However, this Greenwich mean time is sometimes referred to as Universal time. However, the other parameter to be translated is the sidereal time at birth. The renovated time will help the astrologers in computing the ascendant and midheaven. Later the astrologers refer to some of the tables that are widely quoted as the ephemeris. These ephemera are the tables that contain the positions of the mighty Sun, Moon, and all other planets in a specific year or any particular duration of time. The ephemera also include the sidereal times in them. The positions in the ephemera are calculated concerning the northern hemisphere vernal equinox. They are taking all the above parameters into consideration the specialists in astrology design the horoscope. Once the horoscope is prepared, then the astrologers explain the individual about his or her past, present, and also their future. 

The above context thus covered the necessary details like the simple introduction of a horoscope along with its etymology. The most critical parameters that are employed for the preparation of the horoscope or chart are clearly explained on the top.