Significance of Vedic Astrology in Past and Future Life Reading

Significance of Vedic Astrology in Past and Future Life Reading

Introduction to Astrology and Vedic Astrology

Astrology can be defined as the science that studies the effects of planetary movements in one’s lives, related to a past life or the next life. It consists of the roles of astrologers and astronomy, reading the appropriate positions of stars and planets in the celestial system.

Vedic Astrology (Jyotisha) is a traditional Hindu System and belief of astrology. Even though it is known as Vedic Astrology now but earlier it used to known as Hindu Astrology. It not only explains the position of planets in one’s life but also where they are placed (well or ill-placed) in one’s zodiac.

Through Vedic Astrology, one can very easily get a horoscope prediction done for a better life analysis in terms of relationships, love, career, business, economy, etc. it reads the past life karmic actions as well as future life predictions. Jyotish is Vedic Astrology in Sanskrit, it is based on the old Hindu Vedas - age-old Hindu texts created hundreds and thousands of years ago.


Process of Vedic Astrology in Life Reading

In Vedic Astrology, the predictions, reading, and analysis are done with outmost dedication and with a lot of time. It is a process that takes days or weeks to complete because it requires a detailed reading of one’s birth chart. The birth chart is a descriptive image and text of a person’s birth date, planetary positions and the presence of planets in various houses. The zodiac is divided into twelve separate sections just like the twelve zodiac signs, knowns as houses ruled by various zodiac signs.

After the right placements of the planets and signs are known it can help create a natal/birth chart of a particular person with the representation of those planetary points. Now, with the help of this chart, the astrologer or Jyotish will study the chart and make a deep analysis and conclusiveness about the person’s life.


Vedic Astrology is used to understand one’s karma for his/her past life as well as the next life. Karma can be related to the mind or body, it is not related to the movements per se instead of the decisions and choices made. The blame game is fair in this case, as each and every person is responsible for their choices and behavior. The karma can be related to the past, present or next life.

In the Past Life, Vedic Astrology runs on a belief of past life debts that are paid off in the current life of a person. Now, this entity can be anything and anyone, from a family member to a friend to your enemy. Nobody comes or goes into/from your life without any reason, everybody has their own journey and purpose in one’s life.


The readings of a past life can be done using the Vedic Astrology by learning about the doshas and dashas through reading the birth chart horoscope. The reading tells the Jyotish about how the person’s past life actions have been like and how it will affect the present and future by looking at the date, time and place of birth along with how the birth sign is placed in alignment with the planets and their placements (good or bad).

For the Future Life prediction and reading, Vedic Astrology can help in reading the future life by the past and present life’s actions, decisions as well as the positions of planetary bodies especially the evil planets like Rahu, Ketu, the Moon, Saturn, Mars, the position of the planets in the houses most importantly the fifth house and the fifth house lord effects and impacts the life happenings that will take place in the future life.


The Jyotish is related and connected to the karma of a person, whether good or bad, it inflicts both negative as well ass positive effects on both the past and future life.

Although, Vedic Astrology can read and make predictions they are mere presumptions and not in any way imply that things will happen a certain way they are predicted in, no matter what. It tells us about future possibilities and shows a pathway to be followed in order to reach your goal and make the predictions come true. It also varies from person to person and their decisions in life, nothing is fixed.


Conclusion: Vedic Astrology is connected to the karma and karmic actions of a person, good or bad both are equally punished and rewarded. It requires the placements and positions of the planets, signs in the twelve houses and alignment in the same and through this process of reading, analyzing and concluding the past, future as well as present life and event predictions.