Significance of the six of wands in Tarot

Before we delve any further into knowing the significance of the six of wands in Tarot, we should know what exactly does that means. So, what exactly is the six of wands card in the Tarot deck? The key meanings are victory, triumph, winning, success, praise, having the advantage, awards, achievement, etc.

The card of the six of wands in the Tarot deck portrays a man who has a crown of victory around his head and is also riding a horse which is white in color, right in the middle of a crowd of people who are cheering for him. This image represents various things like how the color of the horse represents purity and strength or how the jubilant crowd represents the public identification of the man’s achievements who is riding on top of the horse, the man is confident, not afraid at all, and basks in the attention, he is receiving from the crowd because he is proud of the attention and recognition he receives from the enthusiastic and cheering crowd.

The general meaning and interpretation are usually taken when the six of wands card is drawn upright. It means that the individual has achieved whatever he/she has desired and is more likely to be more successful and public recognition. The individual is well known not based on his social status or wealth but his/her achievements and fulfillment of goals. The card indicates that the individual has managed to rein in all his/her strengths and weaknesses, and utilized them, and turned out to be successful. In regards to the individual’s career, this card signifies that the individual has achieved a certain goal at his/her work, and not only is the individual who is involved happy and proud but so are his/her co-workers and their boss as well. It also means that the individual is also about to get a raise or a much-deserved promotion too. The individual also tends to get a boost in self-confidence and is much more confident in his abilities. In regards to the individual’s finance and love life, the upright card of six of wands means that the individual is currently financially stable and is in peace and content without the worry of money and how to pay the bills looming over his/her head. The individual can indulge in shopping but shop wisely as being overconfident too can result in your fall. In the individual’s love life, if the individual is single, it is about to change and the individual may fall in love and get into a relationship. And if they are in a relationship, the individual is about to take the next step in their relationship and the future does seem happy and bright for the individual in regards to love.

When the card of six of wands in the Tarot is reversed then, it means the individual is about to face failure and get a much well-deserved ego hit. The individual who is about to fall is egoistic and full of pride, while it could also very well signify that the individual is about to be stabbed in the back and face betrayal or even disloyalty, promises are about to be broken, treachery and a fall from grace in the eyes of many. It also tends to represent a weak foundation, being unsuccessful, and losing a countless number of battles. It also means that the individual is not tapping into the complete and fullest potential the individual has and is definitely not living his/her life to the fullest. The reversed card of six wands in the Tarot deck in regards to the individual’s love life also signifies that the individual’s self-confidence will be low and even more because the individual’s partner is often neglecting and tends to ignore the individual. They do not feel as if the relationship is the same anymore and could often turn bitter, and the individual ends up being a negative Nancy and often, this may not work out well for the individual in question. With regards to the individual’s financial matters, it is better if the individual reassesses their finances and check it thoroughly. There is a high chance that the individual’s financial life may not be in good condition and their investments or purchases would have not given out a favorable outcome or yielded positive results. And due to this, the individual’s money would soon drain which in turn would lead the individual into a financial crutch and ruin. So, even though the individual may not realize or not see, it is better and safer to go through the finances and realize that the individual is about to go through trying times and while it will be difficult for the individual to even hope t gets better, the individual should try his/her best because soon, things do turn out for the better. With regard to word, the individual will not be felling very interested in his/her work and may feel excessively bored and feel the lack of drive and passion which drove them before. They will start feeling as if they are stuck in a rut with no hopes of coming out and they are in an endless monotonous cycle. They feel as though whatever they do is not enough and will always be feeling inferior and extremely underachieved. It could also signify that the individual is in poor health or is about to be in poor health. It makes the individual wallow in self-doubt and may have a feeling of misguided optimism after slight success and will have a misplaced ego and pride. They tend to have an unbalanced relationship with their partners and also tend to be overcommitted to working in order to overachieve and be the best, which usually does not work in their favor. Because of this they struggle at work and to maintain relationships while they follow the crowd and not their own lead.

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