Significance of Reverse Moon Card

Significance of Reverse Moon Card

The moon card belongs to the Major Arcana. The card can be an indication of uncertainty and confusion in the life of people. A moon card has a wolf and a dog present in it. There is also the presence of two towers in the background. The card has two animals and two towers in it which is a sign of two opposite natures.

The presence of two animals signifies the basic two behaviours of a human. A dog is a disciplined selfless animal while a wolf is wild. Hence, these two animals will be a representation of two sides of human behaviour.

The towers in the background also indicate good and evil. Both the towers are similar which makes it very difficult to distinguish.

Often, in life, we feel difficulties in distinguishing between the right and the wrong or between good and the evil and this is the reason these two towers looks similar to depict the difficulties while choosing a good over evil.

Reverse moon card

The upright moon card will be a sign of uncertainty or the presence of illusion in life. It also indicates fear and anxiety. The reversed moon card will represent clarity in all the confusion and also release of fear from you.

The upright moon card says that there might be a presence of confusion in your life. Nature is giving you lots of signs so that you can choose between the good and the evil but you are facing confusion between the two. You are not able to distinguish between right and wrong and there might be a presence of fear with confusion.
But there will be an end to all the uncertainty in your life. The reserved moon card says that all the fear that was there on your mind is now starting to get resolved. The reversed moon card will expose all the hidden meaning and you will be having a lot of clarity in your mind.

Reversed moon card in love

The reversed moon card in love represents clarity of the situation of your love life. All the confusion you had with your relationship will finally come to an end. You will be feeling the confusing bubble has finally been burst out and everything around you is crystal clear.

There are times when we have a false perception of things around us and because of which we feel confused and the presence of uncertainty. But with the reversed moon card everything will start getting clear. All the confusion will start getting exposed in your love life.

You will be able to understand what is the true state of your relationship, the actual personality of your partner, etc. The lies and the betrayal will get exposed and everything will come out in front of both of you.

Reversed moon card in career

The reversed moon card in career will be an indication of getting back the confidence and clarity with your work. Earlier, there was a loss in the confidence and because of which your progress was not happening and you might be feeling stagnant in your job.
But all the confusion that you might have concerning your professional life will now be getting cleared and you will be feeling a sense of confidence and clarity.
If you were someone who was facing confusion in choosing the right career path then the reversed moon card may signify that the confusion has ended and now you will be able to get into a conclusion. You will be able to understand and analyze the correct state of your professional life and this will be helping you in growth.

Reversed moon card in finances

The reversed moon card in finances is a representation of clarity in all the financial decisions you make. There might be the presence of some confusion in the financial decisions that you were about to take but now all the confusion is getting cleared and you will be able to understand and manage your finances.
The finances should be managed with confidence and clarity otherwise there might be risks in all the decisions you take but the reversed moon card will represent that your decisions are backed with lots of clarity and confidence as well.