Significance of Neptune in Sagittarius

Significance of Neptune in Sagittarius

All Sagittarians are adventure freaks but the ones born with Neptune in Sagittarius are free-spirited people who will neither are for yesterday nor tomorrow. They live in present and roam about without caring about the past or future. They are like or maybe they themselves are the ones who belong to the category of the uninhibited hippies or the adrenaline junkies and so on.

They are the ones who will never look down on an opportunity, for them every opportunity is a door to new experiences and adventures. They have a flexible and adaptable personality as they never try to keep up with the so-called social standards. People in this group are generally more tolerant, libertine and outrageous.


Personality traits

They always move in search of true spiritual revival and to expand their perspectives.

They are the ones who are always open to all sorts of religious or esoteric experience, judicious debates and their favorite, taking strange and awkward trips in places which nobody is aware of.

They will always avoid the flaws of the real world and live in their idealistic world. they just don't care about the things that make this world imperfect.


The positives

The unending energy and overflowing enthusiasm is the main attraction of natives with Neptune in Sagittarius. They will always find themselves engaged in things that are very interesting and intriguing, at least that's what it seems like for them.

They are the highly competitive adrenalin junkies who themselves have no sense about what they will be doing the next moment. Anyone close to such a star sign always expects them to leave out to explore the world in search of the next big thing.

making a plan, picking out a place to stay, mapping out the routes they want to take are the things that they will never do for their trip, they consider these processes as futile because it takes away the surprise element of their trip.


The negatives

If they start planing on a trip, it makes them very excited about it and this will lead to negligence no one has ever seen before. Once they set a target they are not able to see anything other than that target.


The thing is, they could even star

A thing that is unbearable about them is that if they firmly believe that something is right then they will try to impose it onto others as well. It's not like they do it on purpose but because they get carried forward a lot with the idea and want others also to feel the way they do. It's not egocentrism it's just their way to care about their thoughts and targets. To make their point they can even offend or hurt others.


The Neptune in Sagittarius man

Mostly men born under Neptune in Sagittarius are very romantic who always have that perfect relationship in their mind.

They expect their unrealistic desires to find their way into reality and to achieve this they even use ways that aren't sometimes the most practical ones. They must endeavor really hard to find the styles that are most applicable in the real world.

A Neptunian Sagittarius man will always be the perfect choice for a lover as their life never gets boring when you have him next to you. They will take you out into their world of adventures and try to give you that feeling they experience.

They will always try to brighten up their partner's mood. Some people who are Sagittarians are Taylor Swift, Brad Pitt, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Pope Francis. Didn't a chill just run down your spine after hearing these names? They are among the most influential and loved people and everyone wants to live a life like them. Even if you don't be a Taylor Swift or Brad Pitt, your life will be nothing less exciting than theirs.


The Neptune in Sagittarius woman

If you undergo a survey, you are most likely to find that the most self-sustaining and responsible people belong to the category of Neptunian Women. They are just born with the ability to encounter any danger and win and be ideal by the way they face all the challenges life throws at them.

They are always in the run to recalibrate their life. They try their best, even thou not as much as men do to make their life exceedingly delightful. They should learn to be a bit more cautious and self-aware.

Their specialty is that they Fall Fast for anyone, but it doesn't happen so with everyone they see. Their drawback is that they're terrified to be vulnerable.