Vastu or Vastu Shastra is associated with the housing structure or housing style and architecture of a place. Even a pin in the wrong direction can change the housing style as well as the environment’s energy around the people living in that area. Therefore, to take care of all such delicate matters, a lot of things matter in the aspect of Vastu or Vastu Shastra. 

One such thing which seems to be of vital importance is the significance of mirrors in Vastu. It is believed that the mirrors are associated with the wealth and money in a house. But to tell it is a lot more than just about the money prospects. Let us have some looks at what is good and what is not as well as some other Vastu tips which highlight the significance of mirrors in the house. 


The first front is indeed related to money and wealth. It is believed that the money or the financial front will boost up if the mirrors are placed into the house just opposite to the area where you keep your money collected, then this can help the individual to boost up their wealth and strengthen its financial front. 

If we talk about placing in a particular direction, then the best direction to place the mirror is in the north direction. As it is believed that the north direction is the home to the Lord of Wealth, which we know them as Lord Kubera, then the placing of the mirror in the north direction can direct wealth. 

Also, a mirror can direct wealth and good energy in the house. If the profession of such people is business, who believe in Vaastu, then it is believed that the money is directed for such a businessman who follows the Vaastu tips and tricks. 

Apart from the financial front, mirrors also determine the health status of a person. So, in order to make sure that the health remains good, it is usually advised by the astrologers to place the mirrors in the bathroom. However, the mirrors should not just be placed in just any direction. They should be placed either in the eastern direction or in the northern direction. 

Placing the mirror in the right direction in the bathroom makes sure that the individual stays away from the negativity and creates positivity in the environment which helps the mind to work more productively and in a positive direction. 

If we look into the direction of the dressing room of the house, you need to make sure that the mirror is placed in the right format or the right manner. The most appealing way which makes sure that the positive energy spreads around is to place the mirrors at a distance of nearly four to five feet above the ground.


Even though there are many positive effects of placing the mirror in the house, there are negative effects as well. There are directions that were placing the mirror can change the whole environment of the house and creates bad influences all around. 

To begin with, let us look at the directions. While the north direction is considered for good fortune, the southeast direction can bring negative energies and regular quarrels in the house. It is not at all advised to place the mirrors in the house in the southeast direction at any point in time. 

Also, it is believed that the mirrors should never be placed in such a manner that they face each other. It is believed that if the two mirrors are placed in front of each other, then it can bring uneasiness and restlessness in the minds of people as well as negative energy prevails all around the environment. 

Also, most of the people avoid the Vastu tip of not placing the mirrors in the bedrooms. According to the Vastu or Vastu Shastra, the mirrors should not be placed in the bedrooms as they absorb the positive environment of the room and affects good health and a night of sound sleep. Also, in case the person has a mirror in their bedroom which is not removable under any circumstances, it is required to be sure that the mirror should not face the bed on which you are sleeping. 

If we focus on the main entrance, then it is believed that the mirrors should not be placed in such a way that they face the main entrance of the house as they reflect the positive energy coming into the house through the entry gate. 


Since mirrors hold vital importance and take care of an important aspect, which is the financial front, it requires many measures to get the desired results whichsoever are required to be done. 

There are many points and many shapes of mirrors to give them a beautiful and attractive look. However, there are categories divided under such a case. Some shapes are considered to be good for placing in the house while some shapes are advised to be strictly avoided from being placed in the house under any circumstances. For instance, the square, as
well as rectangular-shaped mirrors, are believed to be a good sign whereas the oval and round shaped mirrors are believed to bring bad omens to the house. 

There is a lot of significance in the mirror with respect to the lighting system. It is believed that the mirrors should never be kept in the dark as it attracts never energy into the house. The mirrors should never be kept in the dark, especially in the bathrooms. Also, the mirrors are believed to be placed in such a way that does not reflect energies like the sunlight reflection and the bedroom light reflections. 

In case, the windows and doors have glasses, which are also considered as mirrors, are placed in the unavoidable negative direction, then it is advised to always cover them with the curtains in order to avoid the negative energies spreading into the room and the house. 

Also, it is believed that watching themselves in the mirror, the person gets filled with the positive energy if they watch themselves in the large mirrors early morning after waking up.