Significance of master numbers, 11, 22 and 33 in Numerology

Significance of master numbers, 11, 22 and 33 in Numerology

What does master number numerology mean?

The master numbers numerology of numbers 11, 22 and 33 are having both good and bad effects. One-digit numbers are very highly desirable, but two-digit numbers are very powerful.

Based on numerology, the master number can bring difficulty, but also great strength to you. If you able to control the twists and turns of these numbers, you can have both productive and successful life.

The numbers 11, 22 and 33 are made up of numbers 1, 2, and 3 which forms enlightenment triangle. Hence, they are called master numbers.

Together these deep forces represent the three stages of creation: seeing, creating and sharing. Number 11 is an observer and builder, number 22 is an architect who makes our vision and number 33 delivers it to earth.

A master number reflects in different ways in our lives. You can see them as the main numbers on your number chart, personality number & destiny number so we have all our calculations to find out where this skill is hidden.

The master numbers are 11, 22, and 33 only.

Single Life Path numbers 1, 2 and 3 are not master numbers as they are not dual values.

If your lifestyle number is 11, 22, 33, you have a master number. Master numbers can be found elsewhere depending on your birthday, including your personal number, work or speech number and soul request number.

Description of Master Number 11:

The master number 11 represents your feelings.

Your feelings and the indirect qualities you find in God / the universe are very important to you. It makes you feel frustrated and have a lot of nervous energy. You probably have a problem with having doubts for no reason.

If you don't focus on something else, your energy spent will be everywhere. But if you put that awesome power on something worthwhile, you will have no problem creating magic.

After all, if you do not apply this energy, you can hurt yourself by thinking too much.

Rejecting your gut feeling is more harmful than good. Since 11 ways of life are centred on faith, it is far more important to control your emotions than to ask for physical evidence.

Put yourself at risk, follow your heart, live life freely and if you feel something bad, trust yourself.

Description of Master Number 22:

Master number 22 means power in the sense of productivity.

If your lifestyle is number 22 but you have no problem doing things. Being able to achieve your dreams is a feature of your character.

But "with great power, there comes a great burden." There is a tendency to push yourself too far and do not use a lot of force that ends up coming up with the number 22.

If you take the time to trust your skills instead of blaming yourself for not achieving your goals on time, then life will be much easier. You are already down right smart and hard working.

It is good to have these three qualities, and you do not always have to give results to prove your worth.

Description of Master Number 33:

The Master number 33 is considered a great teacher and is the key spiritual developer of master numbers.

It enhances numerical power, elevates it to higher ground and has the power to impart knowledge and truth to others.

33 takes power when both 11 and 22 are present, placing them above each other. But guess what? That means they have a double problem. Self-control is a very difficult task to do because of their skills.

If your master number is 33, however, you are very creative, have a good nature, and have sides, which is very decisive and important if not measured. You can bring your ideas to life and help others in the same way. Those with Master Number 33 often live against their will; their sole aim is to do everything in their power to benefit mankind and society as a whole.