Significance of Emperor and Empress together in the tarot reading

Significance of Emperor and Empress together in the tarot reading

Whenever in the reading, empress and the emperor card comes together it significantly indicates a wise and old married couple just like grandparents or the parents. Both the emperor and the empress represent quite different and contrasting energies, wherein the emperor signifies growth factors and being disciplined. Empress, on the other hand, is always shown to be nurturing and signifies creation. Apart from it, both these energies also have a dark and hidden side to them i.e, when an empress appears to be overbearing the emperor can come off as being strict and cruel. Most of the tarot readers also identify the emperor as being the father and the empress being a mother. This identification could possibly include both the positive and negative associations that solely depends upon the situation and the seeker. While doing the tarot readings, one of them will show up only when a person is required to gain back control in their respective lives.

Introduction to the emperor and empress tarot combination

The empress is said to be an embodiment of nurturing and caring energies that are feminine in nature. The energy that is offered is usually raw yet the unlimited fertile opportunities presented forth to others are usually too many for other people to grow and develop. While on the flip side of the coin, the emperor is an embodiment of the sacred masculine principle that is responsible for creating and establishing stability via authority and order. Whereby the empress is said to be very artistic and inspiring in nature, the emperor is said to discipline someone who works as per the strict and rigid rules that are set.

Emperor and Empress card together- Balancing the dualities

Whenever these two cards show up together it often explains the duality of the nature that lies with each and every being on this planet Earth. If you are getting a pair of both emperor and the empress card together, it is high time that the person starts to reflect and see within themselves. It often represents the duality and the double energies that exists within oneself and with what one needs to find a balance to further acquire the much-needed peace and harmony within the soul. Both these cards fly out together for a person to remind of the unbalanced feminine and masculine energies within. The need to divert the focus on the inner principle and to sit comfortably that lies within the being. One needs to examine the need to balance these off the chart principle masculine and feminine energies to seek the overall outer balance in their life and unfurling course of events. Closely look and examine the artwork that is represented on the cards and try to connect the dots to find the hidden and underlying symbols and the messages in the cards.  Look at the tarot reading for empress and the emperor card as a whole, and one single unit. Try to look at the repetitive messages that strike the chord and delivers the messages for the stalker pair of the cards. Start tracking and making a note of all the tarot readings concerning the same, and try to correct the required part by doing the much needed spiritual as well as the emotional work. As the time passes, you will find a way and get an idea to come out of the trapped dual energies that your soul is weighed down upon with, in the process it is even possible that while seeking the inner union and balancing the dual energies of masculine and feminine principles within, you might even find the much-required peace and the self-love.

Other interpretation

The coming of emperor and empress tarot cards together depicts the energies of union between the feminine and the masculine principles. While on one hand the masculine is considered to be the thought the feminine energy represents emotion. When both appear together the goal here is to create a harmonious and loving relationship full of joy. The feminine and masculine are originally the two halves of the same soul that comes together as one. It also represents being co-operative to one another and finding the significance within the whole.