Significance of Dina Porutham in Kundali Milan

Significance of Dina Porutham in Kundali Milan

Kundali Milan is a very ancient process followed by Hindu families in Indian families. It is a rising arch of all prospective bride as well as the prospective groom’s compatibility readings. The Hindus dwell deep into the tools of Indian methodology which is followed since the ancient era. This is a process where both the male and female natives’ birth starts are taken for a systematic and well-analysed chart. There are various kootas present which are combined with rare traits of both and tied together as one agreement known as Koota. There are 10 poruthams which is considered for 10 days exclusively. Whereas across other states, only 8 are considered important. Dina porutham is one such koota which is used in kundali Milan extensively.


According to the Vedic astrology, the parents of both the male and female native along with all the elders and adults of their families come together to make a chart of poruthams as per the basic rules followed in the Indian astrology. It is known that 28 birth stars are made in order in an oval shape directed into the sky which constitutes the realism of zodiac signs. These 12 signs meander through and across all the 9 planets which are known as navgraha. These are further combined with 9 planets which greatly impact the mind, soul and heart of a human being. These elements are considered as the basic methods to invigorate the poruthams. There is a spread of several kootas that are needed for longevity in the marriage.


The first mere and only from the clutches of poruthams is known as the dina porutham. It is also known as a Dina Koota. The presence of this in a female and male native chart is a symbol of great health and immense joy when the couple are said to get married. They are freed from poverty or any disease which could be fatal to their lives. They relish in greater comforts of life and taste the beauty of it. Because of this reason, dina porutham has immense importance for the long run of their marriage. They seem to have encountered longevity and meet an eye with their partner’s smile with great zeal and enthusiasm. Their love for each other seems to be never-ending. When they have children, they grow up to be as good as their parents and as generous as their grandparents. It ignited the sheer importance of dina porutham and the optimistic influence it entails on the entire family until forever and beyond.


If the female native and male native are born with rich stars, then the outcomes are most likely to shine and raise high for both of them until the eternity. It is very important that you become aware of all the stars you are born with. Without the proper inclination of stars during the birth of the males alongside with the female, it is even harder to reap out far good results. As per the Vedic astrology, if you are born with a lot of stars, it is given more importance and considered for a good marriage. A male’s as well as female’s stars has to be matched if they want to get married. However, dina porutham sees the importance of male stars as more important than the female stars and the perfect ratio between those can come to be known as “agreed”. There is a sheer evidence that says that the 27th star is considered to be rejected in terms of both either an agreement or a disagreement.  There are first and the second lot of stars which are present in the entire female and male natives kundali Milan chart. These have to be matched. The birth stars can become a little challenging to scan but it is suggestible, both of their stars need to be well analysed before they tie the knot. It is a basic procedure in the method of dina porutham. There are various stars like Ardhra, Visaka and Rohini in the first, second and third lot that has to be matched. Their stars are further expanded as well as introspected for better outcomes.