Significance of 6 of pentacles in tarot

Significance of 6 of pentacles in tarot


The six of pentacles can be seen as a quite wealthy man who is dressed in a robe of red color and giving out currency to some beggars who are kneeling on his feet. The left hand of the man can be seen holding a balance scale which is the clear symbol of equality and fairness. We can conclude this card can represent the generosity and the security of a person financially, it clearly suggests every person can make use of their wealth for the betterment of the needy people. Apart from wealth, this also represents the pure generosity and the actual feeling of relieving stress and satisfaction. The card of 6 of pentacles is all about receiving and giving. The message given is that sometimes you can be seen on the giving side, and the other time you stand on receiving place. This is the ultimate cycle of the life of a human along in this card is the reminder for that balance as that can change any moment. The basic idea is, if you have enough money, you must never forget to help the needy because there can be times and situations when the situation can reverse and you would become needy in the future. 

Six of pentacles-upright:

People may be attracted to a wealthy man seen in the card with his money, sharing of your wealth and prosperity with others. Now you are in a position to give out the financial assistance needed by the poor, after accumulating a significant amount of wealth. The main motive is to give out feelings and good vibes, you may not always be financially supportive, but you would try to help the needy with all the resources available with you. Charity work, fundraising, and social and community donations would be your way of giving out generosity. Providing with your time, and energy with your wisdom and spirituality can be very much fulfilling and satisfactory for the people. There can be no better gift than the immaterial gift that you can give with your presence to someone who can value you as a person. The harder times may come when you would start to doubt if you can give out your time and resources to the others, and is that worth everything or not?. The main advice by the 6 of pentacles is you need to believe in every single contribution that you make in the society is respected and appreciated and the feeling of gratitude is transferred to the masses by some of your simple efforts. All your efforts will return to you in many folds. 

There are chances that you may be preferred to lend out loans to the individuals, who would pay you back eventually. This is a sign of helping out an individual to get him back on his feet. The loan that you lend will be based on the mutual trust and friendly relations, it will have its bases on the faith and trust you have, it to you and also with interest sometimes. Remember, this exchange of money would be centric to the short term support, and not a permanent sustainable fix for a longer time. You need to think that you should financially assist your own family and friends that would help them to encourage their self-sufficiency. 

Whereas, you may be at the end of this cycle and acknowledge gifts from others with gratitude. This will be beneficial for you to make progress in your desired work and eventually you will repay the debt with the same attitude by time. You will also have to keep in mind that what are the tactics you should use to remain in the long run and for self-development. You become interdependent on this but keep in mind that if you take charity doesn’t mean they can be dominant or you are growing submissive just because they are providing you something.

And at last, the Six of Pentacles are representing a financial balance, the amount you give in one way or another will come back to you eventually and this is the nature of balance.

Six of Pentacles- Reversed:

The revers Six of Pentacles shows that self-care is also important. If you’re a giver for a long period then you should make sure you’re giving it yourself too. Treat yourself with little self-care gifts or maybe a little more sleeping time or spa day. This is the way of saying thanks to yourself because you are a responsible person and take care of everyone. But keep in mind you should never burden yourself, over-commit to others, in this case, you will become the one who will seek help from others because you gave more than you can afford, so you need to make sure that you support yourself too.

This reverse Six of Pentacles also show giving but not getting back what you gave so you have to keep in mind in future you can decline them to help. But also repaying charity doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing what other people did for you, you can also repay the favor by some physical activities like helping them in shifting or cooking something special.

You have to be wise in the matter of debts, you can become bankrupt which-interest rates and threats. So, take these types of favors or from a sensible person who knows what he is doing.

The reversed Six of Pentacles sometimes show selfishness of a person or the show-off he is trying to do by doing charity, so you have to be careful to not become that type of person and help the needy and poor without any personal gain.

Now, the reversed Six of Pentacles in a relationship shows that one person is doing too much and the other one is just sitting back and enjoying the efforts of the other one. So, be careful of these types of people, you are generous with and it doesn’t mean people can take advantage of you.