Significance of 6 of cups in tarot

Significance of 6 of cups in tarot

Six of cups in tarot generally represent memories, childhood nostalgia, and paying attention to the past. Whenever this card pops out in the Tarot card spread you might be impacted by the events in the past, thinking about or remembering a person from the past. This card assists you in getting in touch with your inner child and getting familiar with purity, joy, and freedom.

Pictorial Representation –

The picture of six of cups depicts six cups that are full of white flowers. Two young ones (Children) appear in the foreground and one of them is shown offering the white flowers to the other one. This giving of flowers from the boy in the picture to the little girl represents happy reunions. The young children also highlight the memories of the past in childhood. The children are in the yard of a huge mansion which indicates comfort and safety.

Six of cups (Upright)

The upright six of cups inspire a person to visit the joyful memories from the past be it as an adolescent or child. It ordinarily means magnanimity, naïve joyfulness, and childhood days. This card can also represent your wish to go back to the happy times which highlights the inner aspects of our being that have faded with time. Somewhere you have linked these past memories to the sole way of your happiness. This card also comes out to depict your return to a known place, be it your hometown, childhood friend’s home, school, or any other place that carries a lot of memories and meaning. It ordinarily means an attempt to reconnect with people in the past, who generally come with old and joyful memories, when things used to be simpler than now. The upright six of cups are also the children’s minor arcana card which generally means youthfulness and indulging with the little ones and working with all of them. This card can simply mean playfulness, joyfulness, and innocence, also at times signifying the love and protection of a family. Whenever you feel yourself undergoing tough and hard times in life, the six of cups encourages you to seek help and assistance from your close friends. Also, whenever this card pops out and makes an appearance means showing childish and immature behavior. When this card combines with certain supportive cards, it can in some specific circumstances indicate abuse in childhood. For people who are living in a foreign land, it can mean feeling homesick.

Six of cups meaning in a different context

Love and Relationship (Upright) –

When it comes to love and relationships, the upright six of cups card signifies that you and your partner are the romantic and childhood beloved. This card in some specific conditions also means that both of you could possibly have children in the near future together. Moreover, this card also indicates the possibility of disagreements and quarrel in the relationship arising out of immaturity and childishness. In any case, you must hold accountability for your own actions and adopt a more mature approach to the difference in opinion if you wish to get deliverance. Also, if you are all single then this card can also represent the occurrence of a past lover and rekindling of old romance in your life, whether falling for a childhood friend, or meeting your love or romantic partner in the place where you had spent your childhood.

Finances and Career (Upright) –

The upright six of cups in the finances and career reading ordinarily depicts a favorable omen. It tells us about the opportunity for creativity, teamwork, and successful collaborations. As when this card pops out it more often than not means a great opportunity to step into creative aspects and team projects. This could also somewhere mean an opportunity to work with younger minds. When it comes to finances, six of cups mostly relate to receiving and giving of the gifts or gaining money from the charity. It also depicts the financial gain from the ancestral property or receiving an inheritance. Also, it appears when one is looking forward to making their will or is already in the process of making it. Be it whatever, the six of cups always represents positivity and optimism in the present and future scenarios. It also depicts the feelings of joy and happiness in your life.

Health (Upright) –

When it comes to Health the Upright six of cups card signifies that you might be overlooking and ignoring some specific physical or psychological health problems that need to be addressed urgently. This could be either you or someone close to you who is suffering from these issues and needs your support more than you can decipher at the moment. This might also highlight that an unstoppable and fast-paced life will be giving rise to stress, anxiety, and illness. So, now all you can do is to try and simplify things around you and get back to the normal and basics. Positive lifestyle changes will help you in getting back to good health. In any case, if you are looking forward to getting pregnant then it is a lucky sign representing children and your own family.

Spirituality (Upright) –

When it comes to Spirituality the six of cups signifies that you require to keep your spiritual practices simpler and nominal. No doubt spirituality is an inherent part of ourselves and our lives, but at times our overindulgence and eagerness to connect with the spirit can muddle and mix up everything even more. In case you are having a hard time connecting, start with the basics. The occurrence of this card can also mean that you might find yourself getting familiar with rituals and age-old traditions from your past or childhood and a need to inculcate them in your today’s practice of spirituality.