Significance and Distance of Shirdi to Shani Shignapur

Significance and Distance of Shirdi to Shani Shignapur




Astrology is a study that has layers which needs undeniable deep understanding and also an open mind free from skeptic theories within. With that being said the eastern culture has witnessed people believing in the wonders of astrology having devotional faith in the doings of almighty. After all in the oldest records of Vedic astrology every celestial object has been given the pedestal of god or goddess-like Surya deva[the sun god], Shani deva[Saturn god] and moon goddess denoting the fact that because these bodies have such powerful influence on our life-giving them reverence can assist in acquiring better grip in the readings of the astrological chart.




Since the beginning of time, Vedic culture has popularized the praying idolizing of figures and praying to them, though the presence of almighty is considered everywhere in this universe, this earthen deity provides a lead or a direction to our prayers, this resulted in the establishment of temples that provide a place to find peace and calm under the influence of god whenever our mind is disturbed with stress faced in life. India which is the birthplace of the Vedas is also home to many geographical places that are devoted to the worship of god and goddess. It has towns earmarked with religion and purity where there is a prominently believe that all your wrongdoings and sin will wash away hence abolishing the malevolent karma latched to an individual.




Shirdi, geographically speaking is a town located Rahata tulaka of Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra. It is at the estimation of 185 km east of the western seashore line on a busy route. But the biography of Shirdi doesn’t just constrain itself in this mere surface geographical definition, under the historical account Shirdi is the birthplace of the spiritual messiah Sai Baba born in the year 1838 and died in the year who is addressed by his devotees and followers as saint or fakir. Sai baba's wordings were one of the earliest recordings of equality circulated among his followers as he reverted his soulful sayings to both Hindu and Muslim devotees. Sai Baba was among the first who condemned and tried to abolish the idea of distinction and discrimination on the base of religion or caste. The documentation of the birthplace is derived from the writeup of a disciple named Hemandpant in his book Shri Sai Satcharitra.




Shirdi before the 19th century was just another small village of India but now it is one of the most worshiped places with thousands of devotes traveling there every year to pray for the well being of them and their family and also to purge them from their sins in a hope that saint Sahi will listen to their callings and fulfill their wishes because of the biggest attraction being the Shirdi Sai Baba temple.




An old tale comprises of the story behind the roofless idol that was discovered before the Kali Yuga in Shignapur which is located around the same district of Ahmednagar as of Shirdi, a shepherd once poked a rock situation the center of the village with a pole and it suspiciously yet miraculously started bleeding. In complete awe of the incident, the village members failed to reason with it. That same night some devote shepherd saw god Swyambhu who is a deity symbolizing Shani god, the planet in flesh and body and said the rock to be an idol of the almighty himself and when asked if a temple should be built he answered that the sky is the roof. Since then the houses of that small village never had doors yet no complaint of theft or intruder still. It is believed to be the blessing of Shani Mahadeva that keeps the village away from negativity and disaster. Devotees flock near this temple less god to nullify and demolish whatever pessimistic or malevolent happening in their life.





Devotees who fly to Shirdi also tend to visit Shani Shignapur too, it is considered as a completion of worship for disciples. The distance between is 72 kilometers via national highway 106 which will approximately take one and a half hours. But in order to reach after covering the distance needs a lot of devotion and determination because there is no easy bus route or train for the path. Hiring a car or a taxi is the most convenient way to cover the distance though it won't be very comfortable because of the hectic road journey but it is imperative to remember that the way leading to the serenity and godliness these places possess.