Scorpio, the water element zodiac is known for its mysterious nature. People generally find you very intriguing because of your personality, temper and the way you deal with your things. Being a Scorpio you will never reveal your secrets or thoughts. Some traits of Scorpio that really awestruck people are as follows:


Very hideous with your plans and actions, you are like a majestic glacier that keeps most of itself below the surface.


Scorpios are very sensitive. It is just like the characteristic of a scorpion; tough shell on the outside, the venomous sting in defence on the inside.


You are very secretive with your plans, thoughts and actions. You feel once they are disclosed it might not take place according to your plans.


People tend to get attracted to you because of your strong aura. You know how to make people notice you either by your dance moves, glances or intellectual talks.


You know how to make people feel noticed, which is a want that most people desire. Your alluring and standoffish nature makes people be smitten by you.


This is an inborn gift that not most people are blessed with. So if you happen to get gut feelings related to any matter do not overlook it and trust them.


If you have your eye on something you will make sure to make that it yours. You do not hesitate taking up unapologetically lofty goals. This is because of your tenacious and perseverant nature.



You like to be in the driver’s seat in mostly all aspects of life, be it relationships or career. You can control anything you wish to except for your own emotions.


You possess a strong sense of self and believe in yourself, which is why you are confident that you will be able to do anything on your own.


You know the importance of hard work and also the results received because of it. So you do not regret hustling for your goals. 


People get fooled by the naturally neutral expression you have all the time. However, you are an extremely competitive person and wait for the right opportunity. You are extremely good when it comes to showing your worth be it just for promotion.


You trust your instincts and are right most of the time. You jump fist first into any situation and show how brave you are. You never hesitate to take a different path and make your own destiny.


You always have a plan ready before taking on a new role. You will silently observe things and make a solid plan in order to achieve your goals. This makes you a very calculative and manipulative individual.


It is very easy for you to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel their emotions. Therefore, this makes you pretty strong because you constantly try to protect yourself from such emotions.


You are very passionate when it comes to your life and your goals. You will either be fully involved in something or not at all involved. There is no in-between for you. Hence, it is very difficult for people to predict you.


Spirituality comes pretty naturally to you. You have a deep connection with the universe and its mysteries. Your association with the planet Mars makes you adore candles and magic as well.


You have extreme mood swings and keep changing them in seconds. Because of this, it becomes very easy for you to lose your patience and lash out at someone occasionally.


You are not very good at forgiving someone. Therefore, you try to protect your feelings a lot. It takes you a lot of time to accept an outsider and treat him as your friend. Once your friend betrays you, there is no chance that he/she will ever be in your good books again.


You are very curious and want to know everything about others as well. You do so in order to know people in a better way and choose your friends accordingly.


You are a very loyal friend and partner. People can totally trust you and lean on you for anything. Once you get close to someone, you will always have their back.


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