Shani Sade Sati Effects on Capricorn

Shani Sade Sati is a seven and a half year-long period of Saturn known popularly as Shani. Sade Sati starts when Shani enters a zodiac sign just before the moon at the birth time of individual.

E.g.:- if moon sign of a person at the time of their birth is Virgo then the sade sati will begin from Leo and continue to Virgo and the next sign to it, here, Libra and spends two and half year in each sign and make a total of seven and half years and hence named Sade sati.

According to astrologers, it brings a troublesome time for individuals and incurred a lot of challenges in a person’s life. Every task seems to take time longer than expected and one gets slow or no result of their hard work.

But it’s not like that much negative and harmful as it’s been claimed. If Saturn is kind towards you, then luck will shower on you, and it can fulfill one’s all dreams and can give them much-awaited recognition and prove to be the greatest time of achievements for one. It’s all just matter of it’s placing, houses and signs.

Sade Sati is divided into three main phases namely first phase as rising, second as peak and third as setting phase.


First/ Rising phase:-

It begins when Shani enters the previous sign to that of the moon sign (at the time of birth) and remains there for two & half years on an approx.

The first phase influences the economic condition of natives and cause money-related issues as maybe it can increase expense more than the income of one’s.


Second/peak phase:-

When Shani enters the moon sign of the individual. The peak phase begins and exists there for two & a half years. It’s the most important of all the three phases.

The second phase create obstacles in family life and relations of the person and also can cause various mental and physical health-related issues.


Third/setting phase:-

When Shani goes to the sign next to the moon or well said, the second house from the moon, the third phase begins and it’s also two and half years long, completing the Shani Sade Sati of seven and half years.

The setting phase pushes the native more towards negative thoughts and creates clashes and fights too.

But the results of sade sati cannot always be destructive. It depends on transits and in which sign it transits and placements of Saturn sign. Results of sade sati depend upon the bond of Saturn sign with your moon zodiac sign, if they are friends, the results will definitely be auspicious.


Shani Sade Sati in Capricorn

In Capricorn, the sade sati will begin from January 23, 2020, and will last till April 2020. As Capricorn is an earth sign, Saturn being the ruler itself, so it cannot harm much to Capricorn's individual.

This time will make you feel more emotional and sensitive, you will emotionally trust easily and get carried away with their words losing your control.

You will be ready to help everyone out in this period, but remember to help yourself first as helping others too much can lead you to the path of self-destruction.

Fight for yourself, your place and self-respect otherwise people will start taking you for granted and then you can't do anything.

The sade sati is in its peak phase for Capricorn this time and on last for approximately two and bf years, so it will take your patience test all the period, it will fulfill your needs and wishes related to career, money but you have to work really very hard for it.

 Work might keep you away from your family too. Try your luck in politics as there are good chances for you to excel. During this phase, you may get indulge in social activities too. Keep an eye on your mother's daily routine and health, as it may go down & down

This phase will bring patience and compassion. This will be a testing time for you so just be polite and ambitious an don't lose hope.


Effect of sade Sati on Capricorn

Effect on job & career:-  those who are in the job may have to fave difficulties due to their rivals in the workplace. During this period, you must be careful and complete each of your tasks carefully. You focus on your actions, s that you can't spoil relations with your higher official and senior workers. At the time of Sade Sati, be in the discipline at work first or else you might lose your job.

Students and those preparing for competitive exams have to work much harder to gain favorable results. So it's better to not lose focus and hope also.


Effect on Business:- this transit is not favorable for those in business also. It can be very painful to go invest money in the stock market during this period. Big losses are likely to occur. Working in partnership, then you face heated arguments and quarrel with your partner. This is also not an auspicious time to start new work. So better stay away from coming in such situations.


Effect on Love Life:- Relationship with your partner will deteriorate. Doubts and confusion may arise. Lack of communication will lead to only misunderstanding. Fight between married people over small things will be common, which will result in stress and can even let your Relationships end, if not taken care of at the time.


Effect on health:- Looks like, time is not suitable for you, here also. Be aware of the beginning itself. Precaution and safety measures should be kept in mind while driving especially two-wheelers. As high chances of an accident can be seen clearly. Tension and tension can cover you up so much that you can get some serious disease too. Skin disease, breathing problems can bother you too.


Conclusion:- But this does not mean that the whole period of two and half years will only be the toughest one and you can’t get anything during this time period. Yes, it’s true that this time will test you and test you a lot, your patience, your passion and also faith in yourself and your ambition, but it will be rewarding too and when one gets rewarded after so many sacrifices, it will be immense pleasure.