Ever heard someone say, “Shani bhaari hai?” well I am sure every one of us must have heard it at least once. So what should we do in case of Shani dosh, the best remedy as suggested by saints is the Shani Beej Mantra.

Shani is amongst the nine planets of the solar system. Lord Shani is said to be the Lord of Justice and honors or punishes people based on their deeds or karma. It has many negative consequences according to Vedic astrology.

People chant Shani Beej Mantra to help through the obstacles or bad luck which is caused due to the influence of Shani. Although Shani is known to have positive effects too if it isn’t in the right position it can bring a lot of trouble in a person’s life.

The Shani Dosh in the astrological charts is when Shani is not in the right place. This can be attributed to the bad karma done by a person in their previous life. A person with Shani dosh has to undergo a lot of struggles.

Sade Sati is a seven-and-a-half long Shani period which is considered to be full of obstacles. There are many planetary alignment systems worldwide that agree with this as well. This is a frightening time as it is very malevolent–Shani Maharaj brings reality, which can bring about great damage to a person as well as his friends and family. A person who is going through this time will face a lot of difficulties according to astrology. There are three phases at Sade Sati. They are rising, peaking and setting phases. If one goes through a rough phase during Saturn's period, chanting the Shani Dev Beej mantra will ease its detrimental effects.

To minimize the negative effects of Shani and to increase the positivity that comes with it, Sages have come up with a Mantra is known as the Shanti Beej Mantra. Chanting this mantra can help people overcome this dosh.

The mantra is: “Om praam preem praum sah shanayishraya namah” which means “Salutations to Lord Shani. Please be in my favor and calm my senses.”

Beej is the Sanskrit word for seed. Reciting the Beej Mantras is said to give life energy to people, according to popular belief. It is known as Beej mantra because it grows into a tree when a seed is sown. Therefore, the whole tree is found in the seed as mentioned in the Vedic thought process.

Beej Mantras were chanted in Vedic tradition to create a balance between the human body and mind. When the mind and the human body are balanced you can experience perfect accord and health. But if it remains imbalanced it can lead to stress.

Sound therapy is important for healing body and mind. It is believed that reciting the Beej mantra replenishes the soul and strengthens the faith in god. According to Vedic astrology, Beej mantra uses the vibrations of sound to broaden the mind. The mantra consists of "man" meaning mind syllables and "tra" means "transcend" in Sanskrit. Using a mantra, therefore, can help us overcome the mind.

Shani Bhagawan's fear urges one to set aside the time to dedicate oneself to both spiritual activities and to maintain a strong consciousness throughout this period. A magnificent seven and a half years sadhana! One may also resume their daily life as if nothing had changed, but with a great awareness of how they respond and knowing the fascinating and sometimes extremely difficult circumstances that life brings them in.


Following are certain facts to keep in mind before chanting the Shanti Beej Mantra:

·        You should always start to chant the Shanti Beej mantra on Skula Paksha which is known as Waxing Moon.

·         You should take a bath and dress in clean and fresh clothes before starting. It is highly recommended to put on black clothes.

·        You should lie down on a black cloth or quilt for the mantra.

·        The finest time to recite the Shanti Beej mantra is after sunset.

·        You have to devour Satvik food (basic and simple food) on this day and deter from eating non-vegetarian. Saturday fasts are also useful.

·        You should limit alcohol consumption and other bad addictions.

·         Shanti Beej mantra should be chanted on a black onyx Japa mala for 108 times. You should offer black till, mimosa flowers, mustard oil to the lord.

·        You should wear blue sapphire jewelry.


 Shani Beej Mantra has innumerable benefits. Some of them are:

·        Reciting Shani Beej mantra can help nullify Shani's negative effects.

·        Vocalizing the Shani mantra can enhance your morale when you feel depressed and aggravated. It helps you concentrate and get work done.

·        Regular recitation of the Shani Beej mantra can resolve your well being and riches related problems.

·        Shani Beej Mantra brings solidity into your life.


·        Shani Beej Mantra reduces the consequences of your bad kismet.