Shani has been unfavorable? Maybe it’s time to celebrate Shani Amavasya

Shani has been unfavorable? Maybe it’s time to celebrate Shani Amavasya

Shani Amavasya is the birth anniversary of Lord Shani and is an auspicious day for Lord Shani devotees.


Shani Amavasya or popularly known as Shani Jayanti is a celebration of Lord Shani’s birth. It is said to fall on Vaishak Vadya Chaturdasi Amavasya. In the year 2020, Shani Amavasya falls on 22nd May. Shani is amongst the nine planets in the solar system that impacts our everyday lives.


According to astrology, lord Shani is better known as Saturn. It is a popular faith in Hinduism to worship Lord Shani by following a number of rituals. It is a common belief of the people that an unfavorable Shani can bring about many problems that have instilled a fear of Lord Shani in the minds of people.


To please the Lord, devotees follow strict rituals to protect themselves from any derisory prophecies. This is one of the reasons why Shani Amavasya is deemed to be a highly vital and sacred day to purify the soul and cleanse karma.


Lord Shani is commonly known as the Lord of Saturday as he governs Saturn and Saturday. He is believed to be the Karma mentor for the devotees. Shani can also, be called “ÅšanaiÅ›cara” because of which Shani Amavasya is popularly known as Shanishchara Jayanti.


Shani Amavasya is the day when worshippers all over India offer prayers to Lord Shani. It is also understood by many people that Lord Shani makes an appearance on Earth on this day to bless his faithful followers. People do good deeds with the hope of establishing a connection with the Lord and bring peace and harmony in their and their loved one’s lives.


The Shani puja is performed during the Amavasya tithi which starts from 9:35 on May 21, 2020 and ends at 11:08 pm on 22 May 2020. It is recommended that the puja is performed at Shani temples, but if you want to do it at your house, you should follow these rituals:

·       Only use an iron statue of Lord Shani

·       It is assumed that worshipping Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Hanuman along with Lord Shani is very auspicious.

·       It is recommended that the idols of all the Lords are placed in the main chamber of the place of worship.

·       Before starting the puja, it is advised to take bath in a mixture of holy water, sesame seeds and til oil.

·       This is the only puja were wearing black cloth is suggested.

·       A fast may be observed.

·       Meditation should be done for inner peace and a calm mind.

·       Offerings of blue flowers and bhog should be made to the Lord.

·       Offer black muslin cloth, black chana, and black till seeds, iron nails, and castor oil.

·       The Shani Deva Shloka: OM PRAM PRIM PROM SAH SHANAYE NAMAH” or “ Om Sanaischaraya Vidmahe Sooryaputraya Dheemahi,Tanno Manda Prachodayata” should be chanted 11,000 times.

·       All the items that were offered should be given out to the needy.

·       It is advised to give food to a black dog, crow or any other animal.


If you are performing the Shani Amavasya Puja in a Shani temple then following things should be kept in mind:

·      The idol of the lord is cleaned with Panchamrit, Ganja Jal and Mustard Oil while chanting “Om Shaneshwaraye Namah”.

·       Devotees observe a fast and recite Shani Challis.

·       The two most vital rituals of the day which are known to reduce Shani Dosh are Shani Tailabhishekam and Shani Shanti Puja.


Shani Amavasya is also celebrated as Vat Savitri Vrat in Northern India. It is advised to donate black clothes, til and sesame as this can prove to be very beneficial.


Lord Shani tells us the value of diligence to make a living successful. Consistency is something that is extremely beneficial in holding a negative influence in place. Citizens perform various Pujas to satisfy him. Shani Amavasya is considered the best day for Lord Shani to be appeased and to take a piece of good fortune for a successful life.

·       Every favorable day in one's life brings good luck, prosperity, and joy.

·       Removes all forms of difficulty from the Triumph Path and the challenges.

·       If on this happy day one observes fast (Vrata) can relish a trouble and hurdle free life.

·       Going to the temples of Shani and Lord Shiva is often recommended for the betterment.

·       Light Sesame (til) oil lamp and execute Shani Taila Abisekham on the iron image.

·       Offer the God Blue Flowers and Sesame Oil.

·       Minimizes the influence of dosha Shani and dosha pitra.

·       Recite Shani stotra for Lord-Shani to pay homage. For 108 times Shani mantra will bring peace and quietness.

·       For security from doshas you can execute Shani Graha Puja and Homa.

·       It also cleanses from the impurities from spirit, soul and armor, black magic and the Buri-Nazar Influence (evil eye).

·       You will send Poverty-stricken clothing to avoid misfortunes and feed Dogs, rats, crows to please Lord Shani.



Shani is a symbol of suffering, immortality, grief, old age, mortality, constraint, obedience, retardation, accountability, power, modesty, intelligence, honesty, and motivation. It is considered the dark planet which governs the dark side of human nature. It is both considered a destroyer and a giver. Worshipping Shani truly blesses one with life without challenges, and satisfies all desires.