Shani Dev Chalisa and Its Benefits



Your way of connecting to a God is basically in the form of a meditated connection. You may try to recall the larger than life wholeness of the deity in the form of the stories that are related to the deity, the greatness of the deity, the benignancy associated with the deity. All of this comes under the consolidation of 40 lines known as a Chalisa. Chalisa is Hindi for 40. The Chalisa dedicated to Shani is called the Shani Chalisa.



Each of the 40 lines of the Chalisa is a praise in the name of the deity and begets one form of blessing from the deity. As a planet, Shani is the only one to be given the status of a God, for the immense power it reflects in the form of the wellness it brings and the adversity it may strike. Therefore the planet needs to be brought into our devotion and prayers to propitiate it. 






Before the chanting of this Chalisa Ganpati is invoked so that any form of obstacles may be averted and smoothness and continuity shall prevail. Ganesh is said to be the auspicious deity of beginnings.



The Chalisa starts with the "Doha", an archaic form of Indian verse and it gives an insight into the legends of Lord Shani and the Chronicles that are humongous attached to him. Doha is more of a couplet, or two, that is basically the invocation of Shani. It brings out the planetorial aspects of Shani and how it affects the lives of people while it moves through the zodiacs. 



In the verses, Shani is referred to as a black beauty, a fruit of the adversity, and a slayer of the evil sight. He carries the mace and trident and the battle axe. He is the brother of Dharma(Yama) and is addresses as Konastha and Pinglo, which are other names for him.

Shani is the son of Chhaya and is said to be "Krishna" or the dark-complexioned. Saturn is referred to as Manda(the slow mover) and the son of Sun(Sauri). 



Shani is said to have brought the adversity to the family of Raghu, he causes the mind of Kaikeyi to fiddle, made Ram leave home, brought the golden deer in front of Sita, caused Laxman to faint. Basically, he is the reason for the war of Ramayana. 

Vikramaditya and Harishchandra were all brought down from their high positions, apparently, Vikramaditya was held responsible for a theft which he did not even commit. He also brought upon the fate of King Nala, and his wife died due to a snake bite. 



Things made out of certain metals and indeed crude forms of certain metals hold a lot of value for the significant goodwill of Shani. Shani is said to be highly associated with Vastu Shastra. 



The adverse eye of Shani caused Sati, the wife of Shiva to incinerate herself. His adverse eye caused Ganesh to throw off his head. 



The adverse eye of Shani left nothing for the Pandavas, only Draupadi was spared to them. When it was the turn for the Kauravas, none of them was spared alive. 



Shani tried swallowing the Sun. He is said to have seven modes of transport, the horse, the elephant, the jackal, the dog, the Mul, the deer, and the lion. Each transport is associated with the multifary of the fates of humans. 



The offering of incense, Deepak of mustard oil, watering a peepal tree are considered to please Shani and hence it helps one to gain the favor of Shani in order to fight the enemies and adverse situations of life. 



The concluding Doha is the closing invocation saying that the Shani is such a powerful deity that it feeds off the goodness and badness of people and hence it is important to stay in harmony with him.





The Shani Chalisa is one of the most efficacious mantras to exist to evade the I'll effect of the Shani Mahadasha or the Shani Safe Sati. Shani takes its roots from the word Shanaischara, the slow mover. 



It takes the planet two and a half years to actually travel within a particular Zodiac. So it actually takes seven and a half years to cover the three zodiacs, including the ones that are before and after the particular zodiac. There is hardly any escape from the adverse effects that may come in hand with the Sade Sati. Though the chanting of the Shani Chalisa is one good way to help oneself from the fear, doubt, anxiety that may come during this period. 





There is no particular time or moment to chant the Shani Chalisa. All that matters is devotion. Though ideally, Shani Chalisa suits better on a Saturday in the evening. The wearing of black color suits the occasion. It is better to move to a temple in that case. At home, change into washed clothes, or better take a bath, seat yourself in the meditation position. You may keep a picture of Shanidev in front of the instant connection. Try to focus on the graciousness, the magnanimity of the deity, thank him in your prayers and transport your problems. All you require is devotion.

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