Seven ways to make your home magical with these astrological tips

There are some of the best astrology tips which you can use for your home to make it more magical. Try them out for a perfect and happy family.

Magic is everywhere, so why not add a few to our home, our most sacred spaces. But creating a "witchy" home is about more than just keeping your Halloween decorations up throughout the year. It's about creating an environment that is unique to your spiritual needs, full of religious, hope, and needs.

Here are the seven ways to keep home full of magic with the help of astrological tips-

Decorate the walls with the flowers

 According to Vastu Shastra, keeping flowers at home, office, or anywhere else is considered excellent. Many people, moreover, plant flowers in their home or office, and they are unable to take proper care of them, as a result of which they become yellow or wither away. Their deterioration is not seen as a good sign. 

It's just not nice to have these dead or withered flowers anywhere in the room, according to Vastu Shastra. They not only ruin the place's beauty but also cause Vastu defects. These also increase negative energy, as well as the financial situation is also starting to deteriorate. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the poorly flowering plants or at least their yellow leaves instantly.


Bring an aquarium


The addition of a fish aquarium is one of the most natural astrological tips which you can adhere to bring good fortune to your house. We all know how animals bring positivity to our lives, but you can also expect to invite great chance with sea creatures such as fish. Bring an aquarium home and bring positive energy to home with it.

 The aquarium attracts wealth and fortune. Try to ensure the fish in the aquarium are always on the move, healthy, active, and are a strong swimmer. The fish's constant movement will keep the wealth flow energetic. Keep the water clean and well aerated. The room's north-east position is the ideal place for the aquarium.


Place a buddha statue in your home

A Buddha statue symbolizes peace and prosperity, as well as giving your decor an exotic touch. Please place it in the kitchen, garden or drawing-room. If you're searching for a visual appeal in an ample space, you can install life-size pieces. In addition, the bigger the statue, the more positivity it attracts. For a backyard or outdoor space, place the Buddha statue under a flowering tree, next to it, or as a part of a sprinkler fountain.

Lotus flowers, symbolizing peace and cleanliness, and tea light candles may further strengthen the setting's serenity.


Hang wind chimes to bring positivity

Wind chimes help encourage positive energy and eliminate bad luck. The gentle jangling sound arising from it helps to linger on this energy and gently interact in your space, by attracting prosperity. It is essential, however, to know which material is good-wind chimes can be made of metal, wood/bamboo, or ceramic. Windchimes are also well known to bring money to your home.

Hanging wind chimes at the doorway to your home invites wealth while hanging them at just the entrance to the bathroom stops the draining of wealth. Do not hang wind chimes over your face or where you're sleeping. This is going to bring negativity to your life.


Grow money plant

The money plant which is placed inside is known to bring wealth and good luck to your home. As per Vaastu, keeping the money plant in the north direction in a green vase helps to raise money and better professional opportunities. Even a bamboo plant, a thick forest canvas, or a lush green field, these all can also bring wealth and abundance.


Keep only functioning clocks

According to Vaastu, watches are tools that energize a direction. Make sure all of your house's watches are working. Slow or non-functional clocks are said to symbolize delays or uncertainty in your finances. Vaastu suggests that wealth and prosperity will be brought by putting clocks in the north or northeast direction.


Mirrors side effects

Placing mirrors in your house is crucial because they can allow or stop the positive energy coming into your home. As per the Vaastu, having a mirror in your cash drawer symbolizes your wealth's multiplication. On the other side, a broken mirror, a watch, or an electronic device should be avoided as it hinders the wealth incoming.

To conclude

Ultimately, please ensure you have a positive intention of bringing positive energy for your home and home design. Because when you're clear about your goal, you're going to walk the great lengths to make your house full of good energy. Think positively, feel optimistic, and act forcefully with a powerful will. And the power in your home will slowly begin to change for your stable and happy life.