Seven Horses Painting Bringing Success Through Vastu

Seven Horses Painting Bringing Success Through Vastu

What are the seven horses in the astrology?

According to ancient Astrology, the seven horses have a great impact on the great epics of the world, Maha Bharath and Ramayana. The seven horses were used by the greatest warriors on the battlefield and were driven by the mightiest charioteers. The horses were the strength of the leaders and the guiders in the war.

The seven horses were driven in the direction of great victory and the horses were rushed into the enemy’s lines with no fear. The horses resemble the braveness and pure courage of the horses into the deadliest war of the century. This signifies that the seven horses are very impactful and influential in one’s life.

The Astrology has indicated the importance of the number seven. The number seven is considered the magical number. It is all about strength and introspective of the world and it all stands for the protective number. This number represents the calmness and spirituality of one person. the sensitivity and sympathy is considered to be the influence of the number seven.

The number seven is also called as the number of God or the God number as it represents the completeness of the circle. It is the strongest prime and odd number. It is connected to god in various ways. God created the world seven times and the number seven is a lucky number in all the mythologies of the world.

How are the seven horses linked with vastu of the house?

The subject of Vastu deals with the position of the house and its elements. The Vastu Shastra is a subject from the Ancient Astrology that is considered very important before the house is constructed. The Vastu is used by many Hindus all over the world to get a positive and happy home.

The Vastu shastra claims that every position of each element in the house will impact the people living in the house. The house has to be constructed in a precise manner which will benefit the people in the house in all aspects.

According to the Science, the Vastu is proved to be right as the position of kitchen, the bedroom and the rooms will impact differently in different positions. The Vaastu brings a lot of positivity and prosperity to the house and their owners.

The painting of seven horses has been used since ancient times as they symbolize the power and the sense of direction the owner needs. The painting of the seven horses cannot be placed anywhere and everywhere. It has to be calculated and placed in a precise manner.

The positions of the elements in the house are calculated form the owner’s birth chart and the family members' horoscopes. It is very important all the horoscopes are calculated as it will affect all the members of the family in the house. Vastu Shastra is very important in life.

The painting of seven horses is a very powerful symbol of peace and stability. This painting cannot be placed anywhere. It has to be placed either in the hall or the office where the work and the important decisions are taken. It is more like the painting is overlooking the safety of the house and guiding the members to make the right decisions in their life.

The painting of the seven horses has to be placed towards the house. As in the position of the seven horses should be facing inward of the house signifying that the horses are entering into the house. The direction indicates that the horses are carrying the prosperity into the house and the luck will follow.

If the painting of the seven horses is faced in the direction of the main door, it means that the seven horses are taking away the prosperity of the family outside. This is bad luck if the painting is not positioned in the right direction. The place of the painting should also be the place of purity and holistic.

It is not really advised for people to place the painting in the prayer room or commonly called as the pooja room. It is better for it to stay outside and in the important rooms. The painting should also not be in the bedrooms. The office or the fall is the most ideal place for the painting to be placed.

What are the benefits of the painting of seven horses?

The painting of seven horses is the symbol of purity and luck and it promises to bring peace and success into the owner’s lives. It also indicates the progress of life and the sense of security it brings into their lives. The painting of seven horses has a great impact on the people of the house.

The horses are the purest symbol of speed and strength. That is the reason the speed of cars is calculated in horsepower in the world. The Horses of the painting should always face east as the sun rises in the east. The position signifies that the horses bring shine into the horses’ lives.

The horses bring speed into the owners' lives as they will finish their tasks faster and gain prosperity in a faster rate. They will grow soon in their work front and in their financial status. The west-facing running horses will make the art and talented side of the people bloom. The painting of seven horses signifies the power and freedom of the owners who can venture their talents freely.

The painting of seven horses if suggested to be hung in the south direction, then it indicates that the astrologer placed it in that direction for the success and growth of the family. This direction indicates the safety and security of the family. Every direction indicates something important.

 The seven horses are the lucky number to bring peace and harmony into their lives. The seven horses will bring immense wealth and health to the family and there will be instantaneous growth of their family in all aspects. It is highly advised to have a painting of seven horses in every house for prosperity.