Numerology is very similar to astrology and deals with the relation between numbers and personality traits, events, circumstances, and destiny. Though, numerology does not require faith as the results are calculated and analyzed mathematically. Specific numbers are connected with people and events, places that may play a role in the better conception of potential consequences. Numerology is the study of a number’s symbolism and is used to determine the ways the individual deals with emotions and emotional interactions, their strengths and weaknesses, inner needs and obstacles, and their hidden talents. The individual’s personal numerology is a part of the karmic cycle that the individual brings to this current life in order to aid the person to grow spiritually.

The idea is that we break the universe into much more basic elements, that is, numbers. The numerologist understands that everything in the world is dependent on something and then associates it to numbers. Then the numerologist takes numerous elements of an individual and then splits them up into meaningful numbers through a number of methods. Through this, the numerologist helps the individual discover various aspects of the individual’s personality which the person would have not even known, working out things with their life partner and understanding the individual’s true needs and heart’s desire. To get the correct readings it is always advised that the individual should consult an expert numerologist since numerology is quite complicated and requires detailed, comprehensive, and accurate readings. It is believed that there are no coincidences or accidents in the universe and the individual’s name, birth date and various other factors encompassing the individual will influence the person’s journey or path in life.

The individual’s life path number is the most important number in numerology. It forms the foundation of the journey the individual is about to embark on. The individual’s personality number is calculated by using only the consonants of the individual’s name. The number is the side of the personality the individual allows others to see. The personality number reveals deeper aspects of the individual’s behavior and personality and how they would react in different situations and circumstances. For example, the number 1 stands for leadership and independence, 2 stands for cooperation and adaptability, 3 stands for communication and the joy of living, 4 stands for growth and overcoming obstacles, 5 stands for vision and the productive use of freedom, 6 stands for community and balance, 7 stands for knowledge and awareness, 8 stands for goals and status-oriented endeavors, 9 stands for selflessness and obligations, 11 stands for spirituality and a dreamer, 22 stands for a leader.

Numerology explains the individual’s motivations, ambitions, weaknesses, strengths, and emotional response to various situations they grow through. It also helps the individual to understand their career choice, health, friendships, and personal relationships. These three types of numerology which helps the individual in his/her path to self-discovery.

They are:

Chaldean numerology- deals with astrology and is the most well-known form of numerology. According to this type of numerology, each letter of the alphabet is connected to a sound and a unique vibration. The letter’s vibration is further linked to a number.

Kabbalah numerology- originates from Hebrew mysticism and focuses on self-awareness and staying to the individual’s true self. This type of numerology concentrates on the first and the middle names, that is, each letter has a corresponding number.

Pythagorean numerology- this type of numerology focuses on the Pythagorean system and follows his views on numbers and uses the letters of the individual’s name and the date of birth to calculate and determine their destiny.

Numerology has five important and main components, which are the life path number, the birthday number, the personality number, the expression number and the soul surge number.

The life path number is the individual’s framework that specifies the individual in regards path in life, how it affects the challenges and obstacles in the individual’s life, the individual’s responses and reactions to major life events and the individual’s personality and true self. This number is calculated on the basis of the day, month, and the year the individual was born on and details the individual’s entirety and is constant. The Life path number is one of the most important numbers since it outlines the obstacles, challenges, and the lessons the individual learns throughout his/her life.

The Expression number is the number that displays the individual’s strengths and weaknesses and how the individual reacts to the obstacles in his/her and various other, major life events. This number is analyzed on the basis of the numerological vibrations connected to the person’s birth name.

The Personality number deals with the individual’s personality, how the individual projects themselves to others and how they really are. It is based on the information the individual wants to share with different people, it gives an insight into what sort of knowledge the individual can share with people, it acts as a screening method and is analyzed on the basis of the numerological value of the consonant letters in an individual’s name.

The Soul urge number is the number that deals with the individual’s choices in life, his/her career and love life. It helps the individual realize what his/her heart really wants, the individual’s unconscious desires. The soul urge number is analyzed by the numerological values of the vowels in the person’s name given at birth.

The Birthdate number is the number that is derived from the individual’s birth date and is considered as the least important number in numerology. The birth date number of an individual helps the individual in knowing the individual’s talents that were unknown to the individual as well.

Numerology does help the individual in self discovery. It calculates and analyses the strength and weaknesses of the individual, how and why the individual reacted in a particular way in a situation, the personality of the individual, the true self- that is known only to the individual helps the individual in realizing the inner workings of his/her own subconscious desires and even their love life.