Secrets of the Full Moon and what it means

Secrets of the Full Moon and what it means

The Full Moon for May is happening on the 26th. Tomorrow is the first lunar eclipse of 2021 which is a special lunar event. This Full moon will be a supermoon, a lunar eclipse, and a red blood moon at once. Let us decode what a supermoon, a lunar eclipse, and a red blood moon mean. A Supermoon is said to occur when a full moon overlaps with the Moon’s closest proximity to the Earth. A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth’s shadow shelters the entirety of the Moon and only happens during a Full Moon. A Full Moon occurs when the Moon and the Sun are stood on the opposite side of the Earth, making itself appear like a silver disc in the night sky, brightly lit and illuminating. Now, a Red Blood Moon occurs when Earth’s shadow covers the Moon and instead of going completely black, it takes on a red color.

This Lunar Eclipse is happening in the Zodiac Sign of Sagittarius. But what is so special about it? There is indeed something special. Tomorrow’s Full Moon was the day when Gautama The Buddha attained Nirvana or Enlightenment after much toil and spiritual work. Every culture that spanned this Earth in some way or the other knew about the significance of the Full Moon. Full Moon and New Moon are two occasions during a month where people involve themselves in a certain ritualistic practice. In India, the new moon nights or the Amavasya are the days when people offer food, clothing, etc. to the needy and take part in rituals to appease their ancestors. Full Moon Nights on the other hand are days when people observe fasts, wear white clothes, and sit in silence.

Zodiac Signs that are most likely to be affected more by this Red Blood Moon


As the Full Moon is happening in the Fire Sign of Sagittarius, all the fire signs are likely to be impacted more by it than other Zodiac Signs. Sagittarius make sure not to take any hasty decision tomorrow as it will affect the outcome of the said decision. Be at peace within and do not overthink. If you overthink, your thoughts are going to trouble you so much that you might be a part of an altercation case. Anger and stubbornness will be at their peak. Try to tame it.


Dear Aries, you have a notorious reputation of being the angriest of all. The Full Moon can be a stepping stone for you to touch another possibility never thought of before. Otherwise, you are just going to be stuck in your psychological game all day. A heated argument with a family member is bound to occur if you do not pay attention to yourself.


Leo if we study you from outside, we can say that you are safe from the impact of the Full Moon but we look at your insides and study your tendencies you are not. Meditate and be in silence. You are going to be loaded with work this entire month so it is best you do not waste time in silly arguments with people which might occur tomorrow – either on phone or in real.


Dear Cancer, you have to control your sentiments before they drown you in. You have been the most sentimental of all signs. But do not understand it as your weakness. It is the ultimate quality that you possess, as you are known to be a mother to all. If you slightly modify it and keep your emotions in check, you will open doors for newer possibilities in your life. Spend some time reading self-help books or cooking tomorrow to avoid and ignore negative thoughts that will come and go.

In the Yogic Sciences it is believed that during full moon nights, the pull of the moon is so much that it undoubtedly affects humans as well. The word “lunatic” has been derived from the word “lunar.” So, when Full Moon day is on, people might tend to go slightly mad or completely mad. It is not the quality of a Moon to leave you mad and awry. The Full Moon just helps in heightening your energies. If you use it to your benefit, you may attain Nirvana like Gautama the Buddha. If you are ignorant and slip into the chamber of madness on a Full Moon night, you have no one but to blame yourself.