” Dream as you will live forever, Live as you will die today.” There are many similar quotes that we might find relatable when it comes to living life to the fullest.

It is hard to pen down experiences related to life in one go. It is a roller coaster. At times you are up and the other second you are on the ground with your hopes crashed. Other people, authors, philosophers always insist on how one should live life, share their experiences but do anyone ever tell us to cope up on our own? or not to neglect our problems but confronting them firsthand.

This is life. We learn to live in denial gradually and don’t dare to face our issues. We fear speaking our hearts out and are always afraid of something or the other. Not at peace with our hearts and minds, we call for inner conflicts and that is what gives birth to issues like depression, anxiety, and many other problems. Sometimes things don’t fall into places the way we want them to.

We degrade when it comes to our mental health. A person becomes vulnerable to even the smallest problems or issues in life that might have not affected him before. The psyche changes and the perspective grows from optimistic to cynical and pessimistic.



 They say that there is something good hidden in everything. The pain that we endure, the harsh realities we face get us close to building a life which, of course, won’t be pain-free but at least will be built on the firm grounds of strength as well as potential. By potential I mean to imply the confidence that one has, that one can deal with things strongly.

The only merit of dealing with things that break us is that we emerge stronger. Regardless of the number of times, We fall on the ground, but getting up stronger than before is what learning is all about. 

The day on which we shall stay calm and happy despite having multiple problems is the day we shall live more than ever before. We don’t need to go to any health guru or mind reader or preacher so that they tell us how to tackle the issue, the learning has to be started from within.



Yes. you heard that right. One can gain all the wisdom that one wants from inside. The stages of life. When we are children, we know nothing of things, of people, and life. We are made to learn everything, we learn to crawl, then stand and walk. No matter how many times we fall, we get up and keep walking. Why do we give up afterward then? Why do we forget that we can promise not to fall and shatter? As we move towards our adolescence, we experience new things, come across discoveries that dazzle our minds. This is the time when we make mistakes, pay for our actions, and decide never to repeat it.

We make bonds with new people every day but don’t forget the old pals we used to hang out with. Then how do we forget our past experiences, situations that made us stronger than before? why do we stop learning from our mistakes? Old-age is where everything starts coming to a halt and we as people want to soak in the sun and play with our grandchildren. We want to hold the hands of our beloved and watch our life’s journey from the beginning.

Why don’t we pause there and spare a moment to think that we could also have enjoyed life earlier as well but we were busy earning and spending and got so stuck with other priorities that we actually forgot the actual meaning of life?


What we need to understand is, there might be times difficult as hell. We break down, we suffer, we might want to end the journey then and there but that is the only thing that is not to be done. Life isn’t a bed of roses. It will throw us down and we will have to emerge on our own.

some things, some losses are too huge and nothing can suffice them but a try is always worth it.

We have to help ourselves with or without aid. Nothing is permanent nor are disasters. We should drown in our happiness, cherish each moment, have some gratitude for whatever we have in life, and just live with open arms. What happens if we encounter some problems? The journey doesn’t end.. the breathing doesn’t stop. so learn to dance in the rain and stop complaining about the mess for –

” If you accept the sunshine and warmth,

then you must accept thunder and lightning too.”

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