Scorpio When In Love

Scorpio When In Love

Scorpio can be very powerful and invested lovers. This is a water sign and known for its emotions. This influence means that Scorpios tend to

  • Be introspective
  • Feel love very deeply
  • Are emotionally driven


Scorpio is deep, introspective and stubborn:

This is basically because Scorpio is a water sign. Just like stagnant water, this sign when deep tends to be more detached and hence end up hiding emotions. This is a fixed sign which leads it to have energy that is fixed, deep and Scorpio never gives up, no matter what.


Scorpio display extreme romantic behavior:

Love displayed by this sign is just what the great writers and poets described it to be. It is a sort of madness for this sign. For them, ‘love is blind and love cannot see’.

Scorpios are totally invested in their partner. The believe in making memories and see love as black and white. They can end up recording their romantic experience by writing everything down in a book or in the form of a song.

This sign is hence associated with being creative and dominating the field of art, poetry, music and literature.


Scorpios is full of jealousy:

It is very obvious that when there is so much love, the feeling of betrayal is also very easy to feel. Hence, the people belonging to this sign are jealous, sometimes to an extreme extent too.

They have an unforgiving nature and their jealousy could lead to revengeful acts. Scorpios are rules by emotions, and because they belong to water sign, all their emotions tend to be enhanced. Hence, when jealous, they will react from the depths of their emotions.


Scorpios are loyal, protective and faithful lovers:

This sign is known for its possessiveness and jealousy. Any relationship with Scorpio can be a roller coaster ride since they are very moody.

However, their commitment in a relationship makes them responsible and stable no matter what. If they receive an equal amount of love and dedication from their partner, Scorpio tends to be very loyal, faithful and protective.

They never like to hang their partner in between. There are either completely involved in a relationship or end up burning the relationship. However, this sign will never cheat on its partner.


Romantic nature of Scorpio in love:

Scorpio enjot the physical intimacy in a relationship a lot. This sign is known for being unpredictable and hence, a relationship with this sign is always very extraordinary.

This sign is very intense, passionate and physical in love. If their partner turns out to be good listeners, then the quiet Scorpio can end up revealing their inner deeper secrets.

They love be listened and are good at judging who is a good listener and who is just pretending. If they really want you, then a Scorpio’s desire will automatically pull you towards them.

A Scorpio in love is very generous, loving, kind and loyal. They value honesty the most, and their partner is advised never to lie to them no matter what.


Scorpio in love prefers privacy:

This sign loves to spend some private time with their partner. They will opt for ‘one-on-one’ private dates where they can talk about anything and everything with their partner.

They are mostly interested in their lover and not the surrounding. The perfect date idea for a Scorpio could be fireside dates, quiet dinners at home, easy dates or dates at a quiet restaurant.

Apart from all this Scorpio is pretty controlling and obsessive too. They are very unpredictable. One minute they can be detached and mysterious, while in next hour they tend to be in a committed, long term relationship.

They don’t trust very easily too. They will give their everything to a perfect soulmate. Love is frightening as well as tempting to them and they are scared to get hurt.

They want long term relationships only. They need to understand that true love is full of risks and vulnerabilities. They cannot always act as FBI agents, snooping over their partner’s private life and trying to dig graves.

Scorpios will always want to share their body but above that, they want to share their souls. They will never settle for one-night stands or casual relationships. However, dating a Scorpio can never be dull.

They tend to accept their partner’s dark past and take care of their emotional baggage as well. When in love Scorpios will go to any extent just to make their lover feel important and cared for. Hence, this is one of the most romantic Zodiac signs.