Scorpio In General

Scorpio's are resourceful, brave and passionate. They are great leaders who always research until they know the actual truth. They are jealous and suspicious about almost everything. This year can make them more impatient and self-centered.

This sign is all about its complexity and mystery. They behave according to their surrounding until they are with someone whom they know will understand and accept them. They love to experience and try out new things.

Their whole life is an experience for them which they want to paint with the most beautiful colours. They are among the most passionate. expressive, strong and intense people.

This year makes them want to curl up in their world with no one in it, but try to share your thoughts and charisma with your loved ones.


Rahu The Dragon Head

Rahu is the planet that makes a Zodiac sign flinch the most, sometimes it's not even considered as a planet but as the shadow that never leaves you until you close yourselves up in the dark.

Different people interpret the effect of Rahu in different ways. During this time a Scorpio start paying heed to their instincts and they tend to be someone who is carried forward by their will power.

As Rahu come into action, the Scorpio starts getting possessive and it's their obsession that makes it hard for them.They get obsessive even about mere things to even their loved ones, this will create complications in their relationships.

Their mindest leads them to too complicated issues within the business and their near ones. They will feel like everything is getting out of order and try to cling onto the things and people who are left with their super-tight grasp.

As they start losing things that they've considered as important and holding onto their concept of to never lose their pride gives them a sense that all others are doing it wrong and try to force people to follow them.


Loses That Are Unbearable For A Scorpio

People respect and look up to Scorpio as the one who leads and has always been self-sufficient, but as Scorpio's start feeling insecure and run behind and take efforts to be secure, people tend to look down at them as they are not anymore the one who was looked up to.

Thou they seek ways to be secure they will never bee cooperative as this makes them feel vulnerable and dependent which are not their characteristics.

Rahu just doesn't bring a mental instability to Scorpios as its effect even alters their state of well being and they start to find them sick most of the time.


Post Rahu Effects

Rahu has never been considered as a lucky sign so the fact that the influence of Rahu can bring you closer to accidents isn't a surprise. As Scorpios are inborn defeaters, after the reign of Rahu they will rise again with twice the intensity with which Rahu struck them.

Their feeling of burden and longevity comes to an end by the end of this period. Scorpios are among the strong defeaters of whom their enemies will think twice before attacking. Their inquisitive nature makes them great in the research field and they never have to turn 40+ to do researchers as they are the early bird when it comes to researches and any field which lets them conquer.

They are more attracted to the Medical fields and are even prone to make a lot of money by wrong means and medical field lets them have this opportunity.


Devatilizing Rahu

Generally, it doesn't matter whether Rahu is in a good position or bad as when Rahu comes, it does bring some stress and uneasiness to the native zodiac sign. The only difference is in the intensity of the wave of negativity that hits you.

Rahu tends to take away all your mental contentment. Even if Rahu is in a good position and scorpio being at the zenith of success they will never have an opportunity to be in a state of well being.

No question comes without an answer and no problem comes without a solution, all you have to do is search for it, so is the solution to make debilitated Rahu,


1.Feeding and keeping water for birds, feeding fishes, ants and other insects can help you to survive Rahu.

2.Donating Mooli can strengthen Debilitated Rahu.

3.One should keep their Karm (Work), Mann (Mind) and Vachan (Speech) as pure and honest as possible.

4.Wearing a Gomed gemstone helps a lot in making Rahu weak. plays a major role in strengthening the Debilitated Rahu.


Do and try to be your best. Now you know about the side effects of Rahu so try to as aware as possible and bury your outbursts of anger in yourselves an be the better version of yourselves.

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