Scared Numbers of Hinduism

Scared Numbers of Hinduism

It’s frequently claimed that Hinduism is not just a religion but a superior force that guides the creation of life. According to the Vedas, this superior force consists of science, art, numbers, matter, and the reason and purpose of existence. Monks all over the world say the supreme force is all about cosmic powers and grandeur. Sages after mediating years to seek wisdom claimed god lived in every matter around the living. Among the scripted knowledge of god in Hinduism, numerology is considered holy.  There are 6 scared numbers for Hinduism

  1. Shunya

Shunya in Sanskrit means zero which represents the creator of the galaxy, the Brahma. He is in the form of Nirguna Brahman which means he is without any form or shape. He is a mystical force that is greater than the galaxy. He is a mystery and sages claim he is the matter of atoms, cells, and acts as the bridge between the realms of the physical form and metaphysical forms. He is vast and known to be nothing. So this number represents the nothingness of a man, the way he comes to earth and leaves. Anything that is multiplied with zero is zero, this emptiness defines the prime being with such clarity.

  1. Eka

Eka means one and only. It is originated to represent the one and only creator of living, and tridev , the Saguna Brahma. He has a definite form and represents the creation. This number holds a divine power as it is related to the eka chakra of the body which holds the entire energy of the body. This number is also seen in the Vedas explaining the concept of aatmantoo, which means that the Eternal one resides in the heart of every living being in the chakras. Eka also represents the one eternal dominance of the sun and one moon for the earth.

  1. Triah

The triah represents the mixture of eka the creation and prakriti the nature which created the tridev – Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. They represent life together. The holy trinity is said to be with every living being throughout his journey on earth. Brahma creates the living, Vishnu guides the living through all the ups and downs, and Shiva brings them death to end their life. they signify the three stages of life. Om has three curves representing the three states of consciousness of life after the tridev.  It is said that the world is divided into their Lokas, the heavens, the earth, the underground.

  1. Shaptam

Shaptam or number seven means the earth, the place of living. The earth is in the middle of the seven planets according to the ancient scripts.  There are seven worlds in the galaxy, seven chakras in every living being, and seven doors or gates to reach god. There are seven planes on mother earth.  The seven chakras in humans govern their disposition and existence. The chakras are Sahasrar, Ajna, Visuddha, Anahata, Manipura, Svadhistana and Muladhara. According to Vedas, the world is made out of seven planes of oceans. There are 7 legendary sages who made the Vedas and they form the Saptha Rishis constellation. According to the ancient scripts, there are 7 immortals that are still believed to be alive. Hanuman is one of them.

  1. Ashtadash

Ashtadash or 18 is a very significant number in Hindu culture. The greatest epic of all, the Mahabrath is divided into 18 Parvas. The Bhagwat Gita has 18 chapters of knowledge. Jaya in Sanskrit means 18, which was used in the epic numerous times. The Puranas written by Veda Vyasa were 18 books.  Lord Sri Krishna hailed from the Yadava tribe which had 18 clans.  There are 18 Sakthi Peethas which are temples of the divine Mother goddess. These places are to be believed to be blessed by Goddess Sakthi after her chopped body parts were thrown at these places.

  1. 108

This is the most important number in the Hindu numerology, astrology, and cosmology. This number denotes the greatest saints, sages, gurus and the monks of Hinduism.  There are 108 beads in the mediation rosary. There are 108 chants in all prayer mantras.  The number 108 is the basis of all the creation. It is said that there are 108 primary living beings without which the ecosystem might collapse. It symbolizes the whole universe, existence, birth, and rebirth.  It is a common belief to take holistic prayer rounds around the god in the temple for 108 times.  There is 108 self immerged Lord Vishnu idols around the world.