Saying Yes to Positivity- The Most Positive Cards in Tarot

Saying Yes to Positivity- The Most Positive Cards in Tarot

Tarot card readings use the mechanism of interpreting important questions regarding life through the medium of tarot cards. Tarot cards are not regular decks of playing cards. They are cards with interesting symbols depicted on them. Each symbol has a specific meaning and relates to the questions asked by the user or customer. Tarot readers help to answer such questions by selecting three cards each from the tarot spread. Each tarot spread has a set of positive, negative, and neutral cards. These cards are also called yes, no, and maybe cards which are commonly used in the yes-no tarot method of card reading. Now, everyone desires a positive card in their reading as it implies all the good stuff in life. But, what are the most positive cards in the world of tarot? Read below to find out! 


The Top-most Positive Cards in Tarot 


The Sun- 

The sun is one of the most positive cards in the world of the Tarot. It is a general source of energy and optimism. The sun reminds us to be optimistic and face every situation with courage and a smile. It reminds us of the good things of life and how to be happy and cheerful. It also tells us that we ourselves have the power and strength to face our obstacles and triumph over them. 


The Four of Wands- 

The four of wands is a card full of energy. The pictorial depiction of this card shows celebrations taking place. It signifies happiness and something that can grant you success. It is also a symbolic interpretation of a happy and secure life. Thus, getting a four of wands means you are in for a lucky ride, one filled with progress and success.  


The Ten of Pentacles- 

The Ten of Pentacles is another positive card that depicts our needs in life. It deals with family, finance, and relationships. Getting the ten of pentacles in a reading alternatively translates to getting blessed with material abundance and harmony between family members. It is also an indication of a stable married life.  


The Ten of Cups- 

Getting the ten of cups in a tarot card reading means that you will be blessed with long term happiness in life. You will have a fantastic and smooth relationship between your friends and family and also have good partnership levels in your career life. The card guarantees you the fulfillment of your wishes and your desires. It is a card that symbolizes containment, glory, and joy. 


The Ace of Cups- 

The Ace of cards blesses you with good mental peace and emotional happiness. It helps you garner support from people who form your close group. It signifies that hope and guidance will greet you in the form of a person who is yet to come into your life. The Ace of Cups is a card that signifies a realm of opportunities and good forthcoming in your life.  


The Wheel of Fortune- 

Another very important and very positive yes card is the wheel of fortune. As the name states, the wheel of fortune depicts luck and fortune in one's life. It is all about the positive changes that will greet you in life. Getting a wheel of fortune consequently means that good times are approaching and you will soon be greeted with positive changes.

It depicts that you will finally get your lucky break in all sectors of life like career, relationships, family, etc. It also symbolizes ample and fresh opportunities that will help you redeem your life and up your financial gain. In some cases, getting the wheel of fortune also means that you will soon be blessed with a good partner in life if you do not already have one. 


The Star Card-

 Among all the cards of a tarot spread comes to the star card. The Star card is very positive and is considered to be an affirmative or yes card. This card depicts how your future will be. It indicates a bright and happy future filled with an abundance of necessities. It symbolizes growth and lower. The pictorial depiction on the card is a representation of a person multitasking and doing everything perfectly. This can be referred to your life as well which says that it will be in balance if you perform your tasks well.