Saturn Transit Sagittarius : Will It Be A Good One?

Saturn Transit Sagittarius : Will It Be A Good One?

Saturn transit in Sagittarius. When it will occur and in which zodiac sign? How is it going to affect the Sagittarius? Will it be a good one or bad or will show mixed results.

Well, I know a lot of question has come to your mind reading the leading itself & I will make sure that none of your questions will be left unanswered.

You will get answers to each question definitely just by reading this article, so let’s begin with our journey.


Past Transit of Saturn in Sagittarius:-

Saturn has last transited in Sagittarius on 26th October 2017 & has lasted till 25th January 2020.

And it had a medium effect on Sagittarius. Saturn has neutral relations with Jupiter, ruling planet of Sagittarius so things were quite stable but maybe tiring also.

Though Saturn was very comfortable there in Sagittarius.

 But as according to its nature,  results got late than expected, things don’t seemed working and also has created confusion in individual.


Current Transit of Saturn:-

Saturn has moved to Capricorn sign on January 24, 2020, and will remain there for two & half years.

The zodiac signs. Who will be facing Shani Sade Sati are Capricorn, Sagittarius & Aquarius. Saturn is a slow-moving planet that’s why the effect of its transits lasts for long.

And that’s the reason planet Saturn & its transit is of utmost importance in Astrology.


Effect of Saturn Transit in Sagittarius:-

Saturn transits in Capricorn and it will affect the 2nd house of Sagittarius, the house of wealth.

From 11th May to 29th September Saturn will be in retrograde there.

Second house significances wealth financial sources & earning through self-work.

The impact of Saturn transit in Capricorn will be better for Sagittarians than those of Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius itself. This period will bring lot of opportunities for Sagittarius.

Though it may create some debt & tax-related issues, with the help of your friends & family, and their immense support, you can easily get over such issues.


Effect on Job, Career, and Business:-

The positive effects will be seen in Sagittarius's job & career. There will be more good offers for you in the job, but you have to choose it wisely.

Increment in earning or promotion in a job is also possible.

Profits in business can also be seen. The time would be an appropriate one for doing any kind on investment and expansion of a business.

Partnerships can provide significant benefits.

Also, there are good chances of getting profits in property works. The month from March to September will prove most beneficial for Sagittarius individuals.


Effect on Family & Love life:-

You will get support from your family in whatever you will do, during this time. Also, your decision was beneficial for your family.

In the love life, everything seems positive. Your love life will be good. Those who are not in love, they can found the one. There's a possibility of having a love affair at the workplace.

The people whose love relationship has been timed, they can get blessings of their parents and will get married this year.

This year is going to be happy for married couples. Problems from the past can end now. Communication will be easy & you people can connect well with your partner.

Showing care, love & softness to your partner will help in solving any marital issues.


Effect on Health:-

This period seems challenging for the health of Sagittarius individuals.

There are chances of injury in leg & also a stress-related issue. So, its better to take proper rest in between your work hours. Do meditation and yoga to calm yourself down.

Also, laziness can stick to you badly during this period. And you will tend to leave your job.



To end this, I will say that this will be quite a beneficial time and will test you also. Saturn is known for its strictness & letting individuals learn life lessons.

It will test your patience a lot but will bring good results to your life.