The planet of Saturn is set to change its sign from 24th January 2020. It will be moving to the Sagittarius Sign as the year begins however on the 24th of January it will transit it to Capricorn and will be staying there for the coming two years and a half.

The planet of Saturn will be staying in a retrograde position on the 11th of May 2020 but will again become progressive from 29th September 2020. Saturn is not a very holy planet according to astrology unless it has been positioned in a particular house or under the rule of certain Gods. The transition of Saturn to Capricorn will prove to be beneficial for some signs and not so good for the other signs. Let us understand the impact of this transition on the different signs:


Result of Saturn transit in Capricorn for Aries:

Aries may not receive the best results from this transit as the year begins, however from March 2020, things may start to look good. You may have to work harder at work to retain your position and responsibilities. You should not ignore your health, expenses may increase and you can expect to travel abroad as well.


Result of Saturn transit in Capricorn for Taurus:

The first 3 months of the year don’t look quite good for you; you may face problems in your relationship. It also is a bad time for your health so it’s advised to be careful. However, from April 2020, things start to look good. Income will flow in, but expenses are expected to rise too. Maintain good relations with your elderly and spend time with them.


Result of Saturn transit in Capricorn for Gemini:

This isn’t a good phase for Gemini born people as it can cause a lot of troubles. You may face marital problems; try avoiding any misunderstandings to prevent any unnecessary arguments. It also isn’t a great time for the health of your spouse. The month of April 2020 is not good health-wise; you may be prone to serious injuries. It also isn’t a good time for business.


Result of Saturn transit in Capricorn for Cancer:

The transit is not favorable for Cancer born; you may be facing marital problems in the months from April to June 2020. It is also advised to take care of your healths as well as your spouses. It’s best to avoid any unnecessary arguments. The first half of the year doesn’t look very good for the elderly and businesses.


Result of Saturn transit in Capricorn for Leo:

This transit looks good for Leo born; any rivals will fail in their attempts to bring you down. Infect they will be jealous of all the success you will be achieving. Your family is also going to be very supportive and this is also a good time for lovers who have been planning to get married.


Result of Saturn transit in Capricorn for Virgo:

This phase is going to be very challenging for Virgo, pregnant ladies need to be really careful about their health and take all the precautions needed. Lovers too may find this period very challenging so try talking and clearing put any misunderstandings. It is possible for you to develop some kind of addiction so you should be careful.


Result of Saturn transit in Capricorn for Libra:

This transit doesn’t look quite good for Libras; they may have to face difficulties at home. Their family life may have to go challenges. You might lose your focus and get your work done on time, which will lead to negativity. This year also can bring financial and health issues.


Result of Saturn transit in Capricorn for Scorpio:

This phase will prove to be favorable for Scorpios, your family will be supportive and this will motivate you to do better. Your financial position will get stable and you will enjoy some splurging. It’s also a good time to make some profitable investments.


Result of Saturn transit in Capricorn for Sagittarius:

This transit is not favorable for Sagittarius born, family life may be challenging for you. You may also feel lethargic and not be as motivated to do your work. Expenses may rise so be careful about where you spend your money.


Result of Saturn transit in Capricorn for Capricorn:

This is not a good phase for Capricorn born; there may be obstructions in all your endeavors. Your confidence level may be shaken due to the failures you might have to face. There is also a chance of married problems.


Result of Saturn transit in Capricorn for Aquarius:

This transit doesn’t look good for Aquarians, there may be some good things at the beginning, but as the year progresses you might have to face some difficulty. You may not get all the support you wish to from your family.


Result of Saturn transit in Capricorn for Pisces:

This phase looks pretty good for Pisces; your confidence level will be soaring. All your personal relations will be really good however you might have to face some issues at work. To get the best results, stay calm and thin before making any decisions.