Saturn in Taurus - Meaning and Personality Traits

Saturn in Taurus - Meaning and Personality Traits

Saturn is the planet which is known as the planet of authority and discipline. When Saturn finds itself located in the Zodiac Sign of Taurus, the results are intriguing. Taurus natives are usually the ones who are known to be the most stubborn. However, they will look at a problem from many different perspectives and angles before arriving at a final decision. The Element which rules Taurus is Earth and its quality is Fixed. Most people fear Saturn as an astrological influence because its quality is usually strict. However, individuals who have the placement of Saturn in Taurus are usually the ones who have a lot of capacity to think and work without letting irrationality rule them.

Some of the positive keywords to describe these individuals are Firm, Detached, Authoritative and some of the negative keywords to describe these individuals are rigid, lazy, and a bit controlling. Celebrities who have Saturn in Taurus placement are Mariah Caret, John Lennon, etc.

The personality of Saturn in Taurus: Decoding


Natives who have Saturn situated in the sign of Taurus are usually very meticulous and particular about their usage of time. They are also very proud of how particular they are in arriving at events or parties they are invited to. If you have a friend who has this placement, you must have noticed that they become irritable as soon as they are put in a very different situation/environment that they are used to. Hence, they are less adaptive and take a lot of time and lessons in their life to control this tendency of theirs.


Natives of this placement are not the ones to just decide in a hurry. They take their own sweet time and are also considered the most rational amongst all the other Zodiac signs. Hence, inherently they are careful in their approach. It is also very hard for an individual to impress a Saturn in Taurus person because it takes a lot of sincere effort to leave a good impression on them.

Father Figures

Saturn in Taurus individuals could also be women but what is meant by the fatherly figure is their protective quality. They are known to be the leader of the group and the one who also acts as a parent to their friends. They always have a piece of sound advice for you that will never land you up in trouble ever. Always keep a friend like this by your side as their stern nature is a huge blessing in disguise.

Positive Traits of Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus individuals is very reliable. They will never leave you in the middle of something. Once they have promised something to someone, they try their hardest to fulfill their promise. It is always a delight to see them working because they never take their blessings for granted. This is one of the most positive traits of these natives, that is, they remain grateful for how much or little they have and receive in their life. They also have a knack for management-like positions because they know how to handle a large crowd. Such natives are usually elder kids in the family; thus they know how to lead their juniors forward.

Negative Traits of Saturn in Taurus

As there is a positive side, there is also a negative side to all the astrological and planetary arrangements unless the individual is conscious enough. Saturn in Taurus individuals are very stubborn hence they can very easily get offended and even fight with their loved ones. Their agitated reaction does not show immediately. They get irritated and angry moment by moment. It is also hard to make them see when they are wrong because they tend to be very moralistic and it is not in their nature to accept their faults easily.

Once they get involved in bad blood with someone, then it is very hard to make them work with the same people. They are also very slow in action but that is not necessarily a negative trait or a quality!


Saturn in Taurus individuals is very helpful and resourceful. They never wish to waste their time away and also advise their friends to use their time efficiently. They also hold themselves in high regard because their idea of life does not revolve around “fun” but it revolves around their community and their skill of lending a helping hand to others in need.