The last planet that can be seen with our human eyes is Saturn. The position of Saturn in Libra stands for the boundaries and the limits that we follow. The planet of learning lessons, responsibility, and hard work is Saturn. His position in the sky can give us the idea of which areas in our life require real attention.

When the planet Saturn passes through Libra we put in extra effort when it comes to relationships of our lives. The exaltation of Saturn in Libra is a good thing as the planets and the Libra sign’s energy works together really well. Being practical, stable and impartial are the traits that both the planet Saturn and sign Libra share. As the two meet each other, we can see some lessons that sober us.

The planet Saturn is kind of confusing because it might mean something else when it says something. Like it would mean yes if it says no. The planet shows us what doesn’t work by putting up interferences or blockades or delaying the matter. But instead of this putting us down and giving up on it, we should push forward and make changes where necessary.

When the planet of Saturn is in Libra, we should pull all of our efforts towards accommodating the other person. Meeting the other person in the middle and realizing that there are two sides to a coin is all that it’s about. When we come across people who think and feel differently than us, instead of rejecting their views we should try to adapt and adopt them. Relationships are to be balanced if we want them to work. Being mature, disciplinary, and committing to the other person so that your relationship flourishes should be the main goal. Either this way has to be adopted or the relationship will fall apart.

The Saturn in Libra, it teaches us to be civil with our opponents and remember that we don’t have to agree with them on everything, and also, we don’t need to allow people to walk all over us. This encourages us to keep our lines of communication open. Saturn wants us to be honest and kind and treat everyone equally. We should not abandon our philosophies and ideologies but also listen to those who might and can oppose us. The neutral zone that resolves a conflict should always be available.

The Saturn in Libra not only teaches us compromise but also teaches us certain things about ourselves. Experiencing the balance and finding the middle ground is what we need to maintain in our one to one relationship teaches us patience and determination. We need to learn to be part of the solution instead of the solution. When Saturn is in Libra, being the part of the problem will get us into more problems but being the part of the solution will give us harmony, understanding, and prize.

When Saturn is in Libra, we can go back and work on creating relationships of harmony with other people. When there have been old relationships that have been broken off before due to problems, Saturn gives us the chance to reconcile our hurt and differences and repair these connections.

When Saturn is in Libra, it also helps us to keep contradicting dynamisms inside ourselves to be worked upon. The desire to want something that gives you freedom but commitment also along with inspiration and creativity is all Saturn in Libra is about. This retrograde of Saturn in Libra helps us with being flexible with contradicting and conflicting opinions and needs and wants and teaches us how to deal with them. This will also help us be more open to other’s opinions and less condemnatory of them.

Saturn in Libra will teach you how to be harmonious in your relationships and also maintain healthy habits that will help you rejuvenate your relationships in your life. Even if you feel like you are struggling with your relationships with others – these skirmishes will make you stronger and free of discouragement from others. The planet of Saturn gifts those rewards to those who persevere and come out on the other end as victorious.

Saturn in Libra helps you accept viewpoints and opinions of others and help on building smooth relationships that are full of joy, adoration and mutual respect. These roles that you play in your relationships will help you be responsible for the part and challenges that you take upon yourself and persevere and win.

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