Saturn in Cancer - Meaning and Personality Traits

Saturn in Cancer - Meaning and Personality Traits

The presence of Saturn in Cancer implies that such a person is very caring by nature. They may have a lot to worry about, but will never let their loved ones know what they are going through. They will selflessly go on working to keep their dear ones happy even if that is at the cost of their dreams. Ruled by the element of water, those with the presence of Saturn in Cancer are cardinal. Celebrities that share the same qualities are Shakespeare, George Bush, and Donald Trump.

Keywords: Caring, Conventional, Introvert, Insecure

The personality of Saturn in Cancer: Decoding

When Saturn makes its presence felt in Cancer, the person can tend to be very reserved and will not part with any information. They tend to keep everything to themselves and thus can cause some serious mental health issues in the days to come. Their concern for their loved ones can make them feel like sharing their worries will multiply the anxiety experienced by their loved ones. As a result, they become reserved and end up hurting themselves. But they deem it important that they sacrifice their interests for their loved ones because they consider it to be their responsibility. Any hindrance in this pursuit may make them feel like they are being restricted from fulfilling their responsibilities. They can begin to feel that they are of no use to their family and this can subsequently lead to serious depression, especially if the person concerned is the senior-most in the family. Therefore, it is important that their family members acknowledge their struggle and not valorize them as the epitome of strength. After all, they too are humans and it is alright to feel vulnerable at times.

Positive Traits of Saturn in Cancer

The presence of Saturn in Cancer can make a person feel vulnerable even though in a position of authority. They must assume themselves to be burdened with the responsibility of their family, even though nobody expects them to be so self-sacrificing. But their behavior and their attitude towards their family is admirable. As guardians, they are the best. They love their family so much that they will not share their slightest worry with them. Their display of strength even in times of distress is unmatched. A person with Saturn in Cancer is one of those who believe in upholding the traditions of a family and that is part of why they are so protective about their dear ones. However, their past can often bother them and prevent them from achieving what they desire. In such a situation, they should not shy away from seeking help from their family members. Just as much as they like to hold their family together, the other members in the family will also love to contribute because that is what they get to learn from one with the presence of Saturn in Cancer. Values are very precious to these people and they will preserve them at any cost.

Negative Traits of Saturn in Cancer

When Cancer is accompanied by Saturn, people can become concerned about preserving their values, often to the extent that it turns into an obsession. This can push them into a zone where there is a lot of stress and will find themselves unable to rise again. People must change with time. After all, one can always preserve their traditions by molding them to suit every member of the family. The people with Saturn in Cancer also tend to confuse ideas. They believe that people who are in a position of responsibility do not have the right to be weak or vulnerable. They always want to be in charge of how they feel and what they like, but that is not how humans are meant to be. Their inability to realize that makes them depressed as a result of not being able to share their concern with anyone. But they must acknowledge that they too are humans and even those in a position of responsibility can feel vulnerable sometimes. It is often suggested that the ones who know that a person with Saturn in Cancer feels that way can help them out by sharing their concerns.


When Cancer happens to be accompanied by Saturn, a person can become very reserved and will not share their worries with anyone else, not even with those who are closest to their heart. But when they learn to share their emotions, they will feel relieved.