Saturn In Cancer

Saturn In Cancer

The natives having Saturn in Cancer tend to experience certain distress. The thoughts of these people are very deep. However, Saturn’s influence makes these thoughts dark,  negative, and depressing.

These people tend to feel lonely and hold a lot of expectations from others. They get hurt also very easily if their expectations are not met. The people belonging to this category generally struggle from a lack of peace in their lives.

They appear to be calm from outside but struggle a lot inside. They adore family and children but fail to show their emotions. These people have a stubborn character which makes them a bit selfish.


Born with Saturn in Cancer:

They have a craving to care for others and this leads their career paths towards nursing, real estates, culinary arts, or mental health.

The people having Saturn in Cancer are family people. Domestic matters hold a lot of importance to them. They make a home by hosting parties or cooking dinner for their partner. They believe in creating a warm atmosphere.

These people are taught not to show weakness due to which they keep their problems and worries within themselves. This makes it difficult for people born with Saturn in Cancer difficult to open up.

They are advised to show what they feel in order to escape from depression. They can, however, make the best of any situation. Certain traits they exhibit are

  • Shy
  • Caring
  • Reserved
  • Vulnerable
  • Sensitive
  • Tenacious
  • Domestic
  • Guarded
  • Traditional


Saturn in Cancer and love:

Saturn in Cancer helps to provide emotional security in love. Love for these people means cooking for their partner, hosting parties, and taking care of their properties.

However, both partners need to take care of each other’s physical and emotional needs. The best partner for them is one who respects their warmth and knows how to entertain people.


Saturn in Cancer feels grounded:

This brings the positive aspect of these people. The natives born under this sign feel slightly more grounded than others.

They might tend to feel a bit lost at times. However, Saturn will always keep these people close to the earth.


Saturn in Cancer makes you retreat when scared:

This can lead to depression as these people go into their shells as soon as they feel vulnerable. Thus, the people having Saturn in Cancer have to careful when to retreat and when not to in order to avoid being crippled.


Saturn in Cancer gives real planners:

These people analyze the problem beforehand and know what course of action to take in order to avoid problems. They tend to be real planners if they have the right inspiration.

This is a positive attribute and can help change the world. However, these people need to be careful with this trait as this can end up consuming them completely too.


Saturn in Moon’s need to get out of comfort zone:

The women born with Saturn in Cancer will want to push their boundaries and get out of the comfort zone. However, this has to be done in a controlled way.

If these women fail to realize their boundaries, they will end up pushing themselves too far and it will be difficult to bring them back.


Saturn in Cancer understands the limits of reality:

Saturn in Cancer people is well aware of their limits of reality. They know how and when to stay in control.

They are fully aware of where their life is taking them and will never try to reach the impossible. This will help the people born with Saturn in Cancer to focus on other areas of their lives and improve them.


Saturn at home makes people feel at home:

This trait of these people helps them in attracting others towards them. They can make anyone feel comfortable.

People close to those having Saturn in Cancer feel they can trust their partner and Saturn helps these people to make any surrounding feel like home.

The best way for these people to cope up with emotional difficulty is by retreating to a safe and quiet place. However, they need to learn how to respect teamwork, especially in a relationship.

They have to take care of their own mental health too.  Also, retreating or running away from problems can prove unhealthy when done always.

These people are likely to find love and fulfillment as they themselves portray these qualities very openly. They feel contended while being the hostess or while caring for their near and dear ones.