Saturn in 6th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Saturn in 6th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Saturn, the planet that is concerned with the behavior of individuals, has entered your sixth house. What this means is that karma will be at its best. If you indulge in good deeds, you will be showered with rewards. If you have wronged someone in the past, it is time you payback for the trauma you had caused them. 

The arrival of Saturn in the sixth house translates to the fact that you will be extremely hard working in the days to come. You may not have enough time to devote to your family and friends, eventually leading to their disappointment, but when your efforts will bear fruits, everyone will be appreciative of your efforts. 

With Saturn in your sixth house, you will feel like you are swinging between extremes. Your efforts towards striking a balance could lead to disappointments, but never quit trying. 

To have a greater idea of the effects of Saturn in your sixth house, keep reading!

Aspects of Life affected due to Saturn in the Sixth house 

  • Attitude towards Life in general
  • Approach towards work
  • Career and professional aspects
  • Health

Positive Impacts and Characteristics

When Saturn enters your sixth house, it is the most efficient and comfortable. The presence of Saturn in the sixth house means that you will be almost self-sacrificing. Your priority, for now, is your work. You look forward to fulfilling your responsibilities at all costs, even at the cost of your mental and physical health. 

The extent of hard work you are putting in is bound you bring about positive results. You are well aware of your duties and will go out of the way to complete the job assigned to you. Part of why you are doing it all selflessly is because you wish to be recognized, and justifiably so. But you need not worry. Just like your efforts on the professional front will be met with a reward, you will be appreciated for every little helpful gesture of yours.

Help others to the best of your capabilities, but do not sacrifice your health for the sake of your pursuits.

The presence of Saturn in your sixth house announces the arrival of extremes. For instance, you might feel extremely rewarded in your relationship. Although the deteriorating health of your partner will probably become a major concern of yours, you are soon to cure them with your care.

As far as your career is concerned, your inclination towards social work can inspire you to pursue a career that involves social welfare. The fact that you possess good leadership skills will only facilitate your endeavors.

Negative Impacts and Characteristics

While Saturn in your sixth house means that you will be appreciated for your endeavors, your striving for achieving perfection in every job that you take up will burden you as well. Moreover, if Saturn appears to be in retrograde in the sixth house, your burdens might take up the form of severe anxiety, so much so that it might affect your health. 

There is no reason for you to perceive danger from little imperfections. Remember, nobody on earth is perfect! The idea that you have to be perfect is flawed and it ought to change if you wish to lead a healthy life. 

Taking things too seriously will force you to miss out on the brighter aspects of life. Since you have limited time to spend with your near and dear ones owing to the workload, make every moment count. At times when you are engaged in work around the week, these moments will offer peace. Enjoy yourself thoroughly in the company of your loved ones and watch out for what wonders it works!

Watching you stressed even during a family get-together will dampen their spirits, and that is not something you would like. 

So, rather than worrying yourself and further projecting them onto your family members, enjoy every moment both with your family and at work.

However, you might also be faced with serious difficulties. Although you are meant to succeed at every job that you take up, you will take time to realize. This delay will have consequences like a shortage of money and problems in marriage. 


With Saturn comfortably residing in their sixth house, natives could be highly professional in their approach. Saturn in the sixth house implies that you will succeed at whatever task you take up. Be it a new project or you trying to bond with a new person, you will be successful.