Saturn in 3rd House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Saturn in 3rd House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Saturn is the disciplinary planet. Saturn can be considered as the strict administrator that controls and keeps an eye on the activities of the individuals. However, Saturn isn’t strict in an unjustified manner. The planet intends to bring about positive changes and wants the best for others. Saturn can bring immense joy and positivity to those who work hard. On the other hand, if you are lazy and procrastinate, Saturn will punish you for your misguidance in life.

The presence of the planet Saturn in the 3rd house represents the problems and difficulties that one will encounter. It further indicates the enhancement of these problems. The natives of Saturn in the third house are generally reserved and find it hard to express themselves.

Aspects of Life affected due to Saturn in the Third House

  • Career and Profession
  • Expression and Communication
  • Mental Stability
  • Analytical Skills
  • Insightfulness In Life

Positive Impacts and Characteristics

The position of Saturn in the third house has a huge impact on the communication skills of an individual. Natives of the planet Saturn in the third house are very reversed and communicate only the matters which need to be spoken. This makes them great observers and also helps them to understand situations. The sentences or judgments they express are concise and compendious.

These individuals are cautious in their approach and will always avoid being called up first. Therefore, the natives of this planet in the third house exceed marvelously in professions that require high-end secrecy and discreet stances. They can handle secret information efficiently with minimum communication or interaction with others.

The individuals with Saturn in their third house need to focus on the positive side of life instead of looking at the flip side with alternative results. These individuals are always super alert. They are focused and determined which makes them analyze situations pragmatically. Being very selective in nature and their secretive nature sometimes makes them difficult to blend with the others. But it can be used as an advantage as they use the opportunity to listen to others and make decisions accordingly.

Negative Impacts and Characteristics

The presence of Saturn in the third house can have serious negative impacts on the life of individuals. These individuals tend to face problems and troubles owing to the gap in communication. It makes them isolated from others and they end up being pessimistic in nature. These individuals often feel left out and depressed and have problems in bonding with their family members and siblings. However, they are gifted with a sharp mind which makes them handle critical situations better as compared to the others.

The individuals who have Saturn in their third house needs to be careful while driving, especially during the Saturn retrograde in the third house. During this period of time, they might be facing troubles and also might suffer from depression owing to the lack of communication. These natives might also encounter problems while making some difficult decisions while standing at important crossroads of their life. They might feel helpless and might be in a position of disquietude. This happens because their conscious mind is unable to remain in a harmonious situation with their unconscious mind. They are unable to reach the bottom of the surface owing to the disharmony that they face inside them. This makes them vulnerable and also leads to an unstable personality disorder.

Natives with the planet Saturn in the third house also need to take special care of their lungs. They are highly advised not to smoke or indulge themselves in any kind of unhealthy addiction. These individuals need to stay longer in their houses and avoid too much humidity. They need to have a frequent check on the proper functionality of their lungs. They might face health troubles owing to lung damage. The natives of this planet in the third house are also skeptical about their driving skills and prefer not to take the initiative in driving.


The natives of the planet Saturn positioned in the third house needs to be cautious and handle their mood more logically. They tend to suffer from anxiety and depression which has an immense impact on their mood making them a misanthropist and melancholic in nature. These strong senses of emotions need to be checked and should be handled properly from a young age. They need to understand the importance of illuminating such thoughts that Saturn creates by being present in the third house. The individuals are also advised to be more open and socialize with others.