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As per Vedic astrology, the second house of the natal chart is all about money and finances. In a nutshell, it deals with the financial matters of one’s life. We all understand the value of money, for example, if we are desiring to live a cozy and comforting life, this house makes a vast difference in our lives. Whereas the planet Saturn, which is the mischievous planet shoots troubles in one’s life. It becomes utterly important to have proper awareness about things. Saturn is the planet that truly works as per Karma, it means if you do good you shall receive good and if bad, then you are bound to receive bad. Saturn is the planet that rewards you and punishes you too for your karma.

When Planet Saturn is found in the second house it brings with itself the financial constraints which could have severe effects on the lives of people around you. It is usually suggested to the bearers of Planet Saturn to have a positive outlook on different things in your life. This association brings with itself a lot of struggles on different grounds of life.

Let’s have a look at what this association has for you in the parcel:

Areas affected due to the presence of Saturn in the second house :

  • Finances
  • Personal life
  • Professional life
  • Behavior towards self

Positive Impact & Characteristics:

The natives of Planet Saturn in the second house usually struggle a lot when it comes to their life. They are usually born in families where they go through these situations. The best point about this condition is that these people are pretty comfortable living in whichever situation they are in. The economic condition of these people makes them prone to every environment. They don’t have any interest as such. They are the greatest survivors when it comes to adjustments.

The bearers of planet Saturn in the second house get motivation within themselves rather than from anyone or anything outside. These people seek motivation within themselves. They are the people who cross every limit to success. Self-motivation is their highest weapon. They challenge every norm that sets a boundary for them. They understand the value of everything in their life. They enjoy the art of living luxuriously even with the bare minimum. They are truly best at this which even makes them stand out of the crowd.

Negative Impact & Characteristics

According to Vedic astrology, people who have the presence of Saturn in their second house struggle to accumulate materialistic possessions in their lives which includes furniture, property or vehicles, etc. Because of the influence of retrograde Saturn in the second house, there are high chances that the bearers of this planet may come across other severe issues too.

The bearers of the Planet Saturn in the second house should be equally cautious about the financial aspects of their life. It is suggested for them to be extra cautious on this ground because this conjunction brings with it several challenges. The bearers of the Planet Saturn are the ones who unknowingly prefer to invest in debt funds rather than equity funds. The bearers of Saturn are required to be overly sensitive on the grounds of finances as the conjunction of the second house and Saturn is challenging. This association will also affect their growth in the bigger picture, they also might end up losing on things that would not much beneficial.

Planet Saturn is one of the gloomy planets and because of which its results could be severe. The bearers of Saturn in the second house might end up having a great amount of savings for a longer period. Then, they end up losing interest in things that are primarily very important for human survival. The bearers of Planet Saturn in the second house are melancholic and this happens with them because of the trap of their own emotions and overthinking habits. They end up losing interest in things because of the monotony hits they get from different things in their life. It is usually expected from them, if they are starting with something, be it professionally or personally, they are bound to finish it.


The bearers of Saturn in the second house might come across challenges on financial grounds such as money constraints and others. But it is not something that prolongs for long. The presence of Saturn might bring challenges but it equally gives one opportunity to overcome these issues.

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