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The placement of Saturn in the 12th house announces the arrival of worries which can take a toll on your mental health. There will not only be a lot of mental stress, but also a significant loss of wealth that one has inherited from the family. A primary cause behind this for the natives could be a lot of enemies residing within your family. 

When Saturn resides in the house of magic casements, it is indicative of losses. But this loss does not necessarily translate into a negative impact on your life. To continue exploring the possible meanings of the presence of Saturn in the 12th house, keep reading!

Aspects of Life affected due to Saturn in the Twelfth House

  • Health
  • Material wealth
  • Spirituality
  • Imagination

Positive Impacts and Characteristics

The Saturn residing in the 12th house asserts that you love to spend your time in the lap of nature. You like a peaceful atmosphere that can replenish you after a long day of work. Nature not only signifies the lonely woods but everything that constitutes nature. From little puppies on the street to the flowers in your garden- spending some time amidst the solitude they offer will be extremely helpful. 

You are a sympathetic individual and helping someone or feeding a stray dog is all you need to do to cheer yourself up. You might as well get involved in charitable pursuits owing to your striving to offer selfless service to the people around you. 

Even though there are possibilities of you losing hold of your parental estate, you will focus hard on earning your wealth and your efforts will yield a good harvest. With Saturn in your 12th house, you will succeed in dealing with your enemies with the slightest effort. This ensures that there is no more pessimism around you, thereby enabling you to rise high in your career and lead a harmonious life. 

This ability of yours makes you a perfect fit for jobs where you will be leading a team. Your team can always rely on your ideas because you have got the dedication to make things work, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

Negative Impacts and Characteristics

Owing to their innocent nature, the natives with Saturn in their 12th house are prone to be cheated on and can themselves end up cheating on someone unintentionally. Your inclination towards the luxuries and the finer things in life can prompt you to walk on roads that lead to darkness. But the fact that you are someone who prides in his/her sense of morality can prevent you from indulging in something evil, given you choose to do so.

The wicked are always attractive, but one who does good deeds is the wisest of the lot. Meat and wine could be extremely tempting, but can you afford to compromise with the values you so cherish?

Dear natives, it is for your conscience to decide if or not you want to take the road less traveled – the one where goodness and honestly prevail. 

A few words of advice from a family member or a friend could invite your wrath, but it is probably your guilt that is making you angry rather than their opinions. 

If Saturn is in your twelfth house, you could also learn of a serious illness that you have been suffering from. Although you have discovered its existence only recently, it has been impacting both your physician and mental health for a long time. So, instead of paying attention to the petty things around you, try to help yourself by consuming healthy food and regularly taking your medicines. 

Like mentioned before, natives can also tend to overspend, so much so that people could call you a spendthrift. Saving is a crucial aspect in each of our lives and you may not realize this before you learn of your deteriorating health.

But better late than never! Try to save some money for your future because nobody knows when the storm will arrive. 


People with Saturn in their 12th house are usually indifferent to those who are doing well in life and will care most about those who need them. This quality makes them stand apart from the rest of the crowd. But their sympathetic nature can also cause them to lose any affection towards money. They might end up giving away everything in charity and the pursuit of luxuries. Dear natives, it is high time for you to realize how important it is to save for your future. 

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