Saturn in 11th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Saturn in 11th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Saturn, a symbol of authority and discipline, when resides in your eleventh house, imposes certain restrictions that facilitate your growth.

The presence of Saturn in the eleventh house implies that you will be faced with hardships. But these problems are merely a blessing in disguise because they will help you explore the depths of human experiences and learn through explorations. The eleventh house, when combines with the inevitable presence of Saturn, can be symbolic of a sense of harmony that you will attain by your experiences. Your fear of failure is justified, but it is not worth sacrificing your efficiency for. Stick you what you think is fit for you because your instincts will never deceive you.

Aspects of life affected due to Saturn in the eleventh house

  • Income and wealth
  • Business
  • Marital relationship
  • Political matters

Positive Impacts and Characteristics

If Saturn is in your eleventh house, it is going to feel comfortable which enables it to perform efficiently. The natives can be rest assured of the hard work they put in is going to yield optimum results. Even though you may not begin to thrive just at the beginning of your career, you will soon realize what your strength is and will succeed in using that to your benefit. Your patience, when accompanied by dedication, is bound to leave an everlasting impression in your chosen province. When you have realized wherein your potential lies, you will not only earn enough to sustain and support your family in every way but will also save enough for your future generations to enjoy.

You are most likely to stick to the field you have chosen throughout your life. You will grow with each passing day and people will always value your opinions. Your objectivity is something to be cherished and this is exactly why your friends find you the most reliable when it comes to seeking any advice. Aspirational as always, you will be motivated by your desires to work hard and attain your goals.

Negative Impacts and Characteristics

The presence of Saturn in your eleventh house does come with an entirely different facet- with some negative Impacts. But you need not worry much, for there exists not a problem that cannot be solved if one tries hard enough.

Your tendency to get tired and bored of things that fail to offer excitement can lead you to change ways until you have found out what interests you. In such instances, those approaching you for suggestions could be met with disappointments. However, once you have sorted your problems, you will be back on track again and will help people in all ways possible. While some may look at this approach as essentially self-centered, you cannot only concentrate on other things when you are drowned in your worries. You will experience a feeling of alienation and might tend to distance yourself from the rest of the society, except for a few family members perhaps. Under circumstances that you do not think are favorable, you will find it extremely difficult to express yourself.

However, there could be other times when you cannot think beyond yourself. But that is in no way a bad thing to do, because how is one to help others if one is not happy.

When involved in business-oriented activities, the natives with Saturn in their eleventh house may become profit-seeking but this should not be attained at the cost of your workers. You may fail to distinguish between what is fair and unfair when it comes to your income, but remember, one cannot flourish by causing others to compromise with what they truly deserve.

Honesty is something you should be valued at all costs in life because that is what will provide you with the courage to sail through the harshest of storms.


When Saturn decides to rest in your eleventh house, your life will be a mixture of the sweet and the sour. You are here to enjoy your life and may even do so at the expense of others’ happiness. Monetary aspects are undoubtedly important if one is to lead a good lifestyle, but is it worth compromising your peace for?

On the brighter side, you will succeed in turning all your dreams into reality and a sense of achievement will fill your heart with pride. You will have a partner who will support you in financial matters and this will help you lead a balanced life where you can enjoy the finer things.