Satan - The Negative Traits in Each Zodiac Sign

Satan - The Negative Traits in Each Zodiac Sign

Every opposite is known to co-exist, the sweetness of sugar and spice of paprika, the calmness of the sea and the disturbance of tsunamis. Human nature is no way different from these where the best and worst traits of a person exist in the same mind. These negativities do not come into the picture until the actual baddie situation arrives. Expecting a person to not have any negativities is similar to standing with an umbrella during a cyclone; something irrelevant and useless. The negativities of a person cannot be totally rejected or blamed, instead, one can tame unwanted skills to put them to the best use, when the situation demands. This, on the one hand, gives internal peace and on the other hand, maintains a proper balance in one’s social life. Each zodiac sign has a quality that might be unfamiliar to the others. This gains prominence in the case of negative traits to a greater extent that the positive traits. Apart from these, a set of general unwanted qualities of a person also exists sometimes blurring the important aspects that need attention.

Negative traits of each zodiac sign

The zodiacs are known to have a blend of varied nature that could at times be of great use. The zodiac signs’ specific negativities need to be addressed to give them a better point of view of situations and gaining them importance.

-        Aries: Aries possess a bossy nature, and at times, express their most rude nature. They believe in speed and when one does not catch up to their pace, their rude face shows up, sometimes humiliating the other person. They are also natural leaders, who always prefer being in the top order and hence do not enjoy being dictated by one, especially in cases where the other ones are unworthy of their stature.


-        Taurus: They find a disturbance in materialistic activities, where they invest their soul. Owing to their hard work, they expect rewards or at least praise, which leads them to fall prey to sadness. They generally express concern over material needs and focus more on monetary gains than the amount of stress they would be enduring. They generally need a break after a stressful day, which, they do not take if their needs are not being satisfied.


-        Gemini: They have a blessed mastery in communication, which when put to good use benefits people who need it the most. At the same time, these Geminis are capable of manipulating a person’s mind, to bring them into doing immoral activities, a more prevalent nature of their dual face. If a Gemini, who is active in spreading and manipulating such negative information does not work on reducing and changing it, it could result in outrage from others.


-        Cancer: They can be easily named the cry-babies of the zodiac. They tend to take every decision and word to heart and believe in emotional detail in every aspect of life. They are less practical and more procrastinating while dealing with negative shades of any situation. If they could control their emotional reactions and outbursts on every negative aspect, they could pave their way to grand successes.


-        Leo: They expect attention in every gathering and are generally bossy. In situations where others need to be highlighted, they can generally steal the show, which would always be frowned upon. They make a preview of everything and not matching their levels of intellect would definitely result in an upset situation. Leos need to work on their extreme emotional reactions to situations which will lead them along the path of progress.


-        Virgo: The perfectionists of the zodiac expect similar detailing from every other human. Their standards for people are extremely high, which can generally never be matched, even by one of their own kind. They are critical of people’s choices and do not shy away from expressing their criticism. They need to work on this quality to get better.


-        Libra: The balanced zodiac sign is eventually a natural charmer too who is undoubtedly the best liar. They can come up with lies that are too believable and would surely land them in trouble when exposed. Librans need to be cautious of their manipulative and lying nature, which would take them to greater heights.


-        Scorpio: One of the most stubborn signs of zodiacs, Scorpios need to work on their aggressive nature. They tend to take charge of every situation even when it is not demanded, making it fussy. They need to work on their obsessive nature so that their talents are recognized better.


-        Sagittarius: The extremely talented and explorative species of the zodiac can at times be the most impatient ones. When their quest for knowledge is not satiated, they become aggressive and demand speed replies from peers which would irritate the others.


-        Capricorn: The hardest the working sign can also behave to be the most pessimistic one, hurting others feelings to a level where it cannot be healed. They are so engrossed in their work and tend to forget to address the feelings of others, which may lead to discontentment.


-        Aquarius: The bubbly sign of the zodiac hold in themselves a great ocean of thoughts and emotions that reveal only after a great deal of attachment. They could be emotionally distant from others, causing misunderstanding among their associates. It is generally hard and impossible to get them to speak their emotions, which when worked on can lead to great friendships.



-        Pisces: They live in their dreamy world most of the time, catering less space to the needs of others. Their self-appraisals and self-pity could receive a dismissal from peers. If they tend to express the nature of disagreement with others emotional needs, they would be kept away from their associates, which would lead to isolation.