If you are born in the month of December, you’re probably a Sagittarius, which is the ninth planet in the zodiac sign list. It belongs to Fire Sign and represents them as dynamic and enthusiastic people.

Her Traits, personality on love, life and compatibility

Sagittarius Women

Sagittarius are ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is the planet of luck, good fortune, optimism and adventure, the ruling planet its position in other houses and meeting with other planets plays an important role in your life my Sag Women, these planetary positions and movement of stars are effecting your life to a great extent, you personality traits are hidden in your stars or planets. 

Her traits, personality and characteristics

Sagittarius women are blessed with great sense of humour, and are said to be the funniest people among all other zodiac signs, They have great sense of humour, which makes them adorable, and people love to be around them, because they have logic in whatever they say, loves to make others happy, seeing a smile on others face is all what Sagittarius women wants, These women are fun around others, and can turn any serious or uncomfortable situation into a funny one.

Sagittarius women are very optimistic towards life, they have positive attitude towards life, and radiates positive energy, they spread happiness and positivity among other, so men are generally attracted to their positive attitude. They work and fix out thing by sitting in peace and calmful.

Sagittarius women is natural, they are a combination of brains with beauty, they are not only intelligent, but also highly philosophical and beautiful by heart and nature. They are pure souls.

Sagittarius women are extrovert, they love conversing and communicating with people, are very friendly and they are dynamic can easily adapt to new changes and surroundings, they easily make new friends, they are said to be the Charm wherever they go they add happiness and fun all around, very enthusiastic women they are.

She is a free true and honest spirit, she loves to live and try new experiences, she is a freedom- seeker, she likes to be free and o according to herself, nobody you force her to do things or cage her. 

She lives in the moment, intrigued about the world and different cultures, she loves to explore and travel new places.

She likes judging situations on her own, based on her own facts and the analyse and produce outcome.

She is outspoken, open- minded and straightforward, she speaks all that is in her mind, and is not a good secret Keeper. She can’t hide things with her. 

She is curious, likes to know things and their logic behind it, she wants to everything from scratch itself. She always tries herself to make a better version. She works on herself and improves things.

Sagittarius women in love and relationship

This woman falls in love quickly and passionately, and all the relationships to them are equally important, she keeps everyone happy and fit perfectly in every relationship role whether she is a sister, mother, girlfriend, wife, daughter-in law etc. When she falls in love, she is all into his partner, she wants a lover that will grow with her and encourage her freedom.

She is attracted by people who are open-minded and loves to communicate and socialise. She wants someone who is fun around her, and makes her laugh enjoy with her and cheer her up.

Sagittarius women likes to live her life on a wild side, she is passionate and crazy when in bed with his partner. She likes trying new positions with his partner, lots of fun in bed, exciting and arousing his partner and wants his partner to make her feel the best and satisfy, she wants him to seduce her when in bed. They have a passionate and loving sex relationship.

When it comes to Sagittarius women, she loves to receive gifts and surprises a lot by his closed ones, unpredictable small gestures surprises and gifts are loved by her a lot. Buying her tickets to a trip or wonderland, talking her out on lunch dates and getting her lot of foods, pamper her, take care and lover her.

Sagittarius women are best compatible with Sagittarius, Aries and Leo man, because they all belong to Fire signs and share same traits, they will perfectly understand each other and will be compatible together and set relationship goals for others.

So, Sagittarius women are always on mission to make everyone feel special and happy, make their life better. Sagittarius Women has its own magic and who are adored by everyone.